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The first disciples were called to be Christ’s witnesses in Jerusalem. In the same way, we are called to be His witnesses in Louisville. Below is a list of the Louisville-area ministries we are partnering with in 2020. Each of these ministries is devoted to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ as they meet the needs of people in this city.

Re:Center Ministries– A ministry serving the homeless people of Louisville. Every year they feed and clothe hundreds of homeless as well as offer Bible studies, counseling, and classes in their effort to make disciples.
Strategists: Dwayne and Tammy Miller

A Woman’s Choice Resource Center (AWC)– A women’s health center serving women in crisis pregnancy situations. AWC is unwaveringly pro-life and is committed to providing the material resources, biblical counsel, and practical instruction necessary to empower women to choose life.

Benevolence Ministry Partner
JAMJeffersontown Area Ministries (JAM)– A ministry serving the people of J-Town by providing financial assistance, food, classes, and other services to those in need. They also partner with local churches to help provide a network of accountability for helping with benevolence requests from non-church members. Because JAM does not provide gospel instruction, one of the pastors or members of HP personally shares the gospel with anyone to whom we may provide financial assistance.
Strategist: Michele Nelson