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Mission to Malawi 2022-April 22nd-Pastor Ed

April 22nd-Friday

Today was chocked full of things to do and obstacles that tried to prevent us from taking care of some needs.

Our day started off as we always do with our study in Ephesians.  We closed out chapter one, noting that Paul prayed thankfully for their love of the saints, not their love of God.

We talked about how the real evidence of God’s work in us isn’t the love we have for Him, but the love we have for his children that others around us can see.  That is tangible evidence that others see in action.

There were many other points of interest in our study, but between our study and our quiet time, it was a great start to the day.

Next, we needed to head into town before heading out to Kachere to hand out more corn.

Issues at the mission house caused us to need to make a run into town.  When we first arrived the oldest bathroom’s shower starting shooting hot water out of a tube that is attached to the shower head.  These are older heads that were once used for on demand hot water.  There is a switch you used to have to flip to get hot water.

That was upgraded years ago and now there is a hot water heater, but this one shower had hot water shooting out of the tube.  But if you were carful to avoid it you could still shower, plus we had the other shower.

But last night as I was showering, I happened to look up and notice that the other old shower head had busted and was shooting water out over the shower curtain, I was able to put a kitchen towel over it to keep it in the shower, but needless to say, the floor is very clean now.

So, we decided to replace both with plain shower heads, which is why we headed into town, but alas the hardware store wasn’t open at that time.  TIA

So off we go to Kachere.  In case you were not aware Ovi has his own YouTube channel-“A Missionary’s Tale”.  This is where you can find all the latest information about what is going on in Malawi.

He has been filming these last few days and today was no different. Today he wanted to fly the drone over the car as we approached Kachere for a different video, so he asked me to drive!

While Karey and Janine were not to thrilled about me driving in Malawi [again] they decided to go with it as opposed to Ovi flying the drone and driving.  Talk about driving distracted, but TIA.  [By the way, Ovi would never do that]

As we distributed the corn, we learned that three gentlemen were there for one church, and had nine bags.  It takes them two hours with a bike [it hauls the corn, they don’t ride it] to get to their village, or four hours on foot carrying it on their head.

Even though they get the corn, they still have to get it back to their village, and then get it ground into flour, typically cost about 1500 Kwacha for that.  I share that so you are aware this isn’t just a handout, it takes action and drive on their side as well. 

Ovi got some footage for his next video then we all went back to the chiefs house to give her the medicine that God had provided.  We did get a bit of good news from her as she said the ibuprofen she took the day before gave her a great nights sleep and she felt much better.

Janine walked her through how much to take and how often, but stressed if she didn’t feel bad not to take anything.  The chief also got a half bag of corn from the allotment for the church in Kachere. 

After that we headed back to the mission house to drop off the girls so Ovi and I could run back into town to see if the hardware store was open.   Praise God it was, and now each shower has a functioning shower head that doesn’t create a swimming pool or a slip and fall risk. 

I was then blessed as I was taken out to eat at an Italian restaurant up on the mountain.  It was a great evening as I was able to spend it not only with our team, but Ovi, Lita, Aimee, Jessica and Ethan. 

I have wondered often about the life of a missionary, what does it actually look like.  We come for a few weeks, go to so many villages and churches, speak to many different people, but each night we return, dinner is here for us. 

I’ve never seen Ovi or Lita go shopping, actual shopping not just fruit purchases for the teams.  I’ve never watched Stanley or Samuel go and purchase the corn and observe all the hoops they have to jump through just to distribute it.

I’ve never been part of the run around to get kids camps ready, organize men and women for separate bible studies, I’ve only seen the results of all this behind-the-scenes work.

This trip is a little different and I am getting glimpses of what our missionary family and the HFTF team does, just so we can come and link arms with them in their quest to build 100 churches and train up 100 pastors, and I have to say it has been refreshing.

It has given me a new perspective and a new appreciation for all that we are blessed to be a part of while we are here on our short-term mission trip. 

This time around I have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of all that goes into us going on mission in Malawi. 

It has also caused me to ask myself, how much am I willing to do, unseen and unnoticed to make sure that the gospel is preached?  What lengths am I willing to go, how much am I willing to sacrifice to profess Christ?

I think we might all do well to ask ourselves that same question.  Is my love for Christ something I budget into my weekly schedule, or does my love of Christ and my desire to know Him more, consume me?

Until tomorrow