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Allison Heider, Day 3

After getting back from Africa in 2018 I decided I wanted to sponsor an orphan. Her name is Chisomo. She is the orphan I’ve been sponsoring for the past 4 years and today I got to meet her. It was an amazing experience! She is a sweet little girl with a big spirit. She is also joyful, kind and a great leader! I am so thankful that I was able to meet her, introduce myself to her, take pictures with her and play games with her, it was so much fun!

When sponsoring a child it’s really easy to forget why you do it and just send the money, but today I was able to experience the “why” firsthand and I am so very thankful for that!

Through Hope for the Future, you can sponsor an orphan by giving a certain amount each month that goes toward feeding, clothing, and schooling the orphans in these villages! They also get taught Bible lessons each day that help them learn more about Jesus! While passing out items to each orphan in the program there were many children outside just watching, it was very sad. It was a great reminder that there is always needs to be filled, we just need more people willing to help fill them.


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