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Mission to Malawi 2022-April 25th-Janine

April 25th……

A good nights sleep!!! This morning I sat out in the courtyard for my quiet time. Ed likes to sit in the kitchen…..he gets up earlier than all of us and gets the coffee going. My day started with Malawian coffee, the sun rising and the Word……there is a peace in this time that I treasure. Listening to unfamiliar birds calling to each other……..light breeze. Just fills my heart.

We are going back to Salimu today to meet some of the people there, encourage them and share the gospel. I am looking forward to new paths and meeting new friends…….

Back at the mission house……..a really good hot day! We got to Salimu and hit the ground running. We went hut to hut visiting people in the village to encourage them, share the Gospel and invite them to church. We followed dirt paths through millet fields as we came to different huts. We had opportunities to share the Gospel many times……the Pastor and other men of the village followed so they could also learn how to use the evangecube. Karey and I had the opportunity to speak with many different women. Sometimes one on one and sometimes we would have a few that would listen. There were opportunities to share the Gospel and we would also ask them for prayer requests. We were able to link hands and pray. Ed was able to pray with men and share the Gospel as well. Seeds were planted….watering was given…..may God be glorified! Each encounter had me pause…..for different circumstances in the lives of these people in Salimu. One lady I was able to speak with is blind. She uses a stick to try and find her way to church (under a mango tree). But she admits it’s hard and sometimes she can’t make it. When I passed her later in the day she was laying on her side at the front of the hut…….broke my heart to see her laying there alone……life is hard here in the villages. Another older lady that jumps out to me is a hard working busy woman who knows the Lord. She shared with me that she goes to school in the morning to cook, she goes to church, she helps cook for others and she also helps at the school in the afternoon. We spoke of the Gospel and sharing of the Gospel. We prayed together too. I hope I was an encouragement to her and our time together will help her be bolder for Christ. 

When we returned back to the mango tree, some of the women were in the court yard cooking for us. Karey and I were invited to join them, Misozi with us to interpret . They offered for me to stir the nsima…….well you know I did! They got a kick out of it and giggled. An older woman also said, “you are a part of us now, you can help cook” and I was handed a spoon for the chicken pot. I stirred….they giggled. I asked them if they had any questions for us since they had never met us. One lady asked if I danced. I said sure. They started a song with clapping….I joined in and then they started dancing….soooo……I joined in. Well our laughter must have been fairly loud because the next thing we knew Ed and Ovi were coming around the corner asking “what’s going on back here?”. Everyone had a good laugh and we danced a little more. Karey, sweet Karey, took a video of our dancing………. My thoughts were “be all things to all people”, create relationships, let them know I care. I pray that came across to the sweet women we met today.

Today I also met a sweet little boy….Chikumbuso. This little peanut had both the sweetest disposition and a little bit of a rebel in him. I learned how to say “hi” in a way he would understand. We drew in the dirt faces and suns. We built “mountains” with dirt and used dried grass as our flags. We also played drums on our mountains……something about him.

Back at the mission house I jumped in a shower……..have I mentioned it was hot today and I was one big drip by the end of the day? Karey and I both took showers to cool off when we got back.

The early evening was relaxing in the mission house court yard watching the kiddos play as Ed and I with Ovi and Lita chatted about life, the vital importance of prayer and discernment. I love our time with them! It has been another opportunity to learn more about the mission field and the workings behind the scenes. 

A very good day…..filled with the Gospel, filled with prayer and the opportunity to carry each other’s burdens. At one point, Karey and I were talking about the example we were seeing in going to people who have not come back to church. Going to them in person to see how they are doing, why they have not come back, how we can pray for them. An encouraging idea for us at home. As always, Karey and I bounce ideas off each other. Maybe we should do this at home……we are praying. 


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