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Mission to Malawi 2022-April 27th-Pastor Ed

Wednesday, April 27th

Good evening from Malawi Africa.  We had a day of refilling our cups yesterday, in Majete Game Reserve.  It was a fun day, and it was a hot day.  A day of marveling at God’s creation, and a day of laughter. 

Today we had to go to the local Covid clinic to check out the requirements for getting tested prior to leaving.  Malawi requires we do a PCR test, the USA requires that we get a negative test one day [1] before we depart, that 24 hours.

In the states if you don’t pay for an quick test you can get it in eight hours.  The issue lies that our flight back home is at 4:00 pm.  They don’t test after noon.  So, while the pcr test would meet Malawi’s requirements, it wont meet the 24 hour USA requirement. 

Luckly, Malawi is aware of this and has a solution that we are putting in God’s hands.  We would appreciate prayers. 

Next up souvenirs.  In Malawi when you purchase from locals, you never pay the price you are given, it is usually half of that.  Bartering is the custom.

Janine didn’t want to barter, and Karey asked me to barter for her as well.  That lasted at one purchase, and she was off and running.  Fun time getting to see the gentlemen that sell products again, all familiar faces.  

They typically come to the mission house and set up out front, but since it rained most of the night, they couldn’t make it here, so we went to them. 

We came back to the mission house and had lunch with the Pastors that are in class right now.  Great lunch, rice, veggies and eggs. 

Then we headed back to Nasedegu one last time.  We stopped to get some drinks and snacks for our get together as well.  Ovi said he likes to do that once in a while, and this just happened to be one of those times.

While there today our goal was to train them on the EvangeCube, and if we could get one to share it with us, leave the cube with them for evangelism. 

I shared, Karey shared, Janine shared, and Ovi shared.  There was much discussion as well about the entire process.  After we were done, Abusa Jonah shared it with us and did a very good job. 

He is a very smart and gifted young man, called by God to lead a church in a very difficult village.  Please keep him in your prayers.

We also discussed the building.  I had noticed that there are cracks in the walls, the entry door is messed up, there is erosion around the foundation, and it is in need of some more whitewash.

We discussed the need to take care of what God had given us.  Nasedegu needs to care for their church and property just like HP does, and like every other church does.

In discussion with Ovi [earlier this week] I found that maintenance on buildings is not something that is on their radar, it isn’t just Jonah and Nasedegu, but every other church and pastor here in Malawi. 

Ovi will be returning to speak about this to the entire congregation, as we all know it takes the entire body to care for the things that God has blessed us with. 

Afterwards we had our snacks and said our goodbyes.  It will be at least six months until we get to see our brothers and sisters here again [I teach at the Bible School in September], but that would only be for one Sunday morning for me. 

If we have a small team, they would be able to spend time with Nasedegu and Salimu, pouring into the men and women respectively.

Tomorrow morning early, we head back to the Covid center to get tested, and God willing we will get our results back on time for our Fridays flight, we will keep you posted.

God willing, we will see you all Sunday morning.

Blessings in Christ,