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Mission to Malawi 2022-April 28th-Janine

April 28th…….

A different kind of day here in Malawi……we woke up, had our quiet time, devotions and then we were off to the hospital to secure Covid tests with payment and then have them administered. All in all they are organized with certain steps to proceed through……my big take away…..time is different here. Things take more time to accomplish here then back at home…..and there is nothing you or I can do to change that. This is a different culture with different movement through time….it ebbs and flows here……but in many ways the slowing down or things taking more time to accomplish can be a gift. Slowing down can help you refocus, it can help you be in the moment and it gives opportunity to pray. We met a woman from South Africa as we went through the Covid process. She shared her life over the last few years, it hasn’t been easy with some tough choices to make. In the moment I felt like I was given time to pray for her……if we had been going quickly (like at home), I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to know how to pray for a stranger. 

Afterwards, we went to a shop to buy a piece of luggage and a few items for the mission house. We are leaving a suitcase here with a few pieces of clothing and shoes……just in case. 😜. We then went to visit the new church in Zomba…….young girls and young boys were running along side the car giggling and laughing as we drove the paths with crazy ruts, trenches and rocks…..I think I am getting used to it now! We had our lunch in Zomba at Steers. Ovi introduce Ed to the owner of the building and we sat down to burgers and chicken. I love watching the people when we eat outside……I will never get tired of it. 

Back at the mission house we have started packing….weighing and packing some more as we wait for the results of our Covid tests. God is in control of it all…..we know we have been obedient to follow their rules in regard to timeline and payment to leave Malawi. Karey and I have played a few rounds of pool…….I am seriously horrible at it! And the wonky table isn’t even helpIng me! 😂 we have a lot of good laughs….this has not been unusual this trip. While playing pool today….Ovi and Ed return from some errands however, my husband no longer has the shirt he wore and is only wearing his undershirt!!! To my surprise I ask “what happened?” To which he tells me that as they talked to the forestry guy outside the mission house he remarked that he liked Ed’s shirt…….so he gave it to him…..building relationships. TIA

As we sit here slowly wrapping up our time on this mission trip……there are many emotions, memories and thoughts. It’s hard to leave here…….the Lord has burdens our hearts for Malawi and it’s people. There is much to do here……..there is much kingdom work to be done. There are hearts and souls that need support, need encouragement, need our love on this journey. They need the Gospel, they need to know of a Fathers love that will never foresake them. They need guidance and understanding during growing moments. They are really no different from back home……there is much work to be done….here and at home. 


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