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Mission to Malawi, 2023

May 1st, 2023

Hello there, glad you could make it back. Today started off, not so good. At about 3:00 am, I was roused from slumber by my wonderful wife asking if I was awake.

It took me a minute to gather myself and respond but when I said yes, she said can you check and see if I have a fever. Things never go well when that is the first thing someone asks of you.

I checked her and she was hot to the touch, she also said she was having chills. So, since it was so early, I got another blanket [mind you she hasn’t used the one she had the entire time so far, just the sheet] and put it over her.

As soon as I heard stirring upstairs, I reached out for a therm. Ovi was gracious enough to come right down, and when I checked her no fever, but she had definitely broken one in the night.

Since she was not well, we sent the team off, and she went back to bed. At about 11, she was up but still not feeling well, so we decided to go to the clinic where everyone from HFTF goes.

We were just there earlier this week when Ovi got checked, a student went there that passed out one night after studies, and Liness [Samuels wife] went there as well to find out she had Malaria #2.

Samuel and Marc were gracious to stop what they were doing, and Samuel drove us to the clinic. We all are taking Malaria medication as a preventative; we do each visit.

When Janines blood work came back, she had Malaria #1, and an infection. The doctor said it made no sense, she was on a med to prevent Malaria, but she had Malaria! TIA [This is Africa]

I think she now has about 4 meds she is on. Lita just came down with some homemade chicken soup and we fed her in bed. After she eats, she needs to take her meds and sleep.

I was told this was the first team member to get Malaria in 10 years. If you know my wife, she is an overachiever, not only Malaria, but an infection. The good news is that it is only #1 [#4 is death bed Malaria] and she is on meds now so she should be okay, Good Lord willing.

I will do some studying now and wait for the team to return.

I’m back! Janine ate some homemade chicken soup from Lita, had a few crackers and took all her meds and laid down around noon. She didn’t move until about 6:00 pm, right before the team made it back from their outing.

From what I gather, though it was a long day for the team, it was a good day. I will leave that for Karey and Mark to detail. Just an FYI, there will not be a post from my wonderful wife, as she ate some crackers and went back to bed.

Lord willing, she will begin to show improvement by tomorrow and if the Lord allows will be able to return to the villages with us on Wednesday.

Tomorrow we are heading out to Nasedegu to hand out some tracks hut to hut. First, we are going back to the clinic to get Ovi checked again, he still isn’t feeling well.

If by chance he does have Malaria, and the symptoms’ say yes, then he will come back, and rest and we will go out with Samuel.

This has been an incredibly unique trip, but God is in control, and we find our peace in that: And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

Yes, even with Malaria,  general sickness, bug bites, intestinal duress, gas shortages, electricity coming and going, water issues, bad roads and on and on, it STILL works together for good.

We may not understand it in the moment, but it does.

Praying you all are doing well,

Blessings in Christ,

Brother Ed