Formed by the Word…
Engaging in Worship…
Pursuing the Mission…

What to Expect Here

We hope you will be blessed an enriched by this blog in the days ahead.. Each post you find here will be written by one of the church’s pastors (Kyle, Matt, or Jay) or someone invited by one of the pastors. Below is a sampling of what you can expect when you visit this page in the future.

Weekly Posts:

  1. Monday Musings from Pastor Kyle – Every Monday, Pastor Kyle will post some thoughts reflecting on the sermon preached the day before. Perhaps there is a question raised by the message that could not be addressed because of time. Perhaps there are some deeper issues to be explored related to the topic or text of Scripture from the sermon. Maybe there will be some poignant practical challenge related to the Sunday message. Monday musings is the place to find such things.
  2. Worship Preparation from Pastor Jay – Every week, near the end of the week, Jay will be posting the songs we will be singing in the upcoming Sunday worship service. When possible, he will post links to lyric videos. This way, you can begin preparing your heart for worship in advance. This will be a great way to be introduced to new songs before we sing them congregationally on Sundays. This will also be a great resource for parents who wish to review songs and their words with children to help them participate more meaningfully in worship gatherings.

Miscellaneous Posts: 

  1. At times there are thoughts, reflections, or issues that one or all of us may wish to write about by way of worshipful meditation or pastoral instruction. This blog will be a venue for that kind of communication as well.
  2. Upcoming events or opportunities to serve may be highlighted here as well, especially if there are specific questions that need to be addressed.

We pray that this blog is a benefit to the community of faith at Highland Park as we are continually being formed by the word of God, engaging in the worship of God, and pursuing the mission of God by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ!