Formed by the Word…
Engaging in Worship…
Pursuing the Mission…


Another sweet day on the mission field……my first cup of coffee is usually in the living area with the Word and quiet prayer time. We all tend to find our little area for our quiet time. I love watching everyone slowly wake…..each one knitted together for this team.  Such an encouragement and blessing to know we are all seeking the Lord for the day ahead.

Ed has been walking us through Joshua in our morning devotionals…….we finished up chapter 2. The Jericho walls are beginning to show signs of cracks….a wonderful reminder today ! There are “Jericho walls” here and at home. I pray for cracks…..cracks that will cause walls to fall down because of Christ. Because of faithfulness, because of a deep desire when fanned to flame to know His Word and let it change you. It was a wonderful challenge for me…….Lord may I be obedient to you and submissive to your plans to help create cracks in walls!!

A couple of cups of coffee and my peanut butter toast later and I was ready to go! Backpacks packed up with our bibles, notes, pictures, meds, first aid kit, water, hats, sunscreen, bug spray and other little things.

We girls got to ride again in our own car. The paths and roads are just too challenging for the ministry van. Playing worship music, singing and waving.

We visited the village of Likangala today. I have never had the privilege to visit before. Another day of camp! We started off with half the kiddos inside the church and half outside. Mark, Leah and Karey taught……I treasured up looking over and seeing Karey and Leah under a mango tree bringing a story to life…..may hearts be changed.

I was able to sit down with about 15 women and Misozi. These women…..some with beautiful maturity and wise eyes, some just starting in motherhood and some not quite there yet.  We found a place under a tree for shade a bit away from everyone. (The ladies will not talk if there are men around……it is the culture). We had our little spot and dug into Matthew 7 first. We talked about what it means here in scripture to judge others and how the Pharisees had really changed the Word to fit their comfort, to fit their pride-filled ways. We talked about discerning sin and good vs evil. We talked about aligning it all with Gods Word not mans……..we talked about going to a sister in love if there is sin and how to help walk with each other through sin. How to pray for each other and how to be transparent when we struggle and go to a sister for prayer. I also gave my testimony…..explaining how Christ had called me and saved me…..I gave them a history of my childhood and adulthood that included sin……I didn’t want them to think I was any better than them……I continue to be a sinner saved by grace. We all have our history, I pray that each will have a testimony one day of how Christ changed them. 

I always let the ladies know they can ask me anything. About scripture, about me, or anything else. I will always be honest……at first no one said anything. Then I told them how I had made sure no men were around so that they would feel comfortable talking……they all smiled and then the questions came……

What is the difference between salvation and baptism?

Where do babies that die go? Are they in heaven or hell?

What should they do if women are gossiping?

What should they do about going to church when their husbands and children won’t go?

Was I saved when I married Abusa Eddie?

What about praying with each other?

Such great questions! No fluff! I always encourage them to look to scripture, that is the only truth. I was so incredibly thankful to have that time with them. One came up after to Misozi and said “she needs to come back and do that more”. I got crocodile tears…….I just love the women of Malawi. They work so hard! So much is on their shoulders! But, there is a hunger to understand. There is a yearning to be seen, to be poured into. I would sit with them all day if I could…..

Games were played….Mark and I were on the “elephant” team today. Again these kiddos mean business when it comes to games. There was much jumping, much yelling and crazy laughter!

Amazing lunch like yesterday and then we guided the kiddos in to the church. Mark preached and then Ed followed up to check for sincerity. Many kids (around 20-30) stood up to receive Christ. Ed, Mark and Samuel took them outside to talk with them a bit more and then prayed. I was watching out the church window……there were definitely prayers by a few……serious faces that appeared to understand the weight of their decision.

After we got back to the mission house, a few of us went out to shop at a local food store. We want to give Lita a break on Saturday from cooking for all of us. We got our supplies and headed back for showers and dinner.

Lita spoiled us again tonight with a delicious dinner and dessert. We had our debrief and are chilling out for a bit talking and heading to bed. 

Tomorrow is another day of camp in a different village! As I mentioned from our devo this morning, how are you creating the cracks in Jerichos wall?