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Masau Village Day 5

First day of camp was a great experience, Stanley did a great job leading well everything.

We had over 300 kids, I had about 150 in the church for a small lesson and the ladies took the other ones for another lesson.

Stanley then divided the kids up into 3 groups. My team was the Elephant team. We didn’t fair well in the point standings, but we had a good time.

Then we had lunch, a plate of rice with an egg and tasty type of slaw.

The younger childern shared a plate with another child, while the older ones got their own.

Ed shared a message to the whole group about Nicodemus. We had quite of few that wanted to recieve JESUS as LORD and SAVIOR.

After dinner we share I highlights for the day and low points. Ovi’s kids usually say thier low point is school. So we convinced them to say about what they were thankful on what they had learned and they did.