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Likangala Village Day6

Today new village close to the same schedule and activities.

I did a modified version of 2 ways to live. Both days they said my picture I drew of a crown looks like a mountain, so today I stuck with a mountian because GOD made the powerful mountain . I began with creation, how sin came into the world, about JESUS, that JESUS Loved them and Died for thier sins. I told them to think about what I taught them and later in the day they would have a chance to make a decision based on what I taught and later preach that day.

The games were fun, I actually was one of the 2 survivors of dodgeball, the other was my teammate.

Once again we had plenty of food for all the kids and adults.

Today I was able to preach to the kids, I started with a flashlight and explained that GOD created light and we discussed why light is important. Then we Read John 8:12 Where JESUS tells us HE is the Light of the World, those who follow HIM will not walk in darkness. I explained to them that darkness was sin, how sin came into the world, JESUS came into the world to died for our sins.

John 12:35-36 If we follow JESUS we will become Sons of light. I explained how we become sons of light.

We had those that wanted to JESUS as LORD and SAVIOR to come out and go under a tree and I explained more to them, even trying to talk them out of it, but all prayed the prayer with me. GOD knows who was serious, were are just to preach the word.