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Engaging in Worship…
Pursuing the Mission…


Everyone seemed to get a good nights sleep last night, and as we all slowly got up and got our cups of coffee or water we were ready for the day. Ed walked us through Joshua three today during our devotional time. God is always amazing how he gives us his word and perfect timing. Scripture talked about “consecrating yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you” in verse 5. We do that each morning, when we have quiet time with the Lord and read on our own in scripture, preparing for the day. The rest of the scripture for this morning in Joshua 3 jumped out at me in a new way- focusing on the Lord vs focusing on the problem/river. I think out here on the mission field in Malawi, it can be very easy to focus on problems. But then again, it can be easy to focus on problems at home too. I just don’t always realize I’m focusing on the problem at home. All in all it was a very good reminder for me to check where my focus is and where my heart is.

Today we headed toNtiya 2 as we did the first day we were here. Once again, us girls were in a car by ourselves and getting kind of comfortable with it. But to say that these dirt paths were rocky and hard is an understatement it was a constant, surveying to figure out where Karey should put the car so that we didn’t go into a trench or go over big boulders. it definitely kept us on our toes. Today would be a kids camp. The only way I know how to describe this is VBS on steroids. We anticipated there would be between 200 and 300 kids showing up for games, Bible Study, lunch, and preaching. Karey and Leah were able to present to the children starting with creation up until Jesus‘s resurrection. Mark had another group of kiddos that he poured into as well. They also sang music with clapping and jumping. Yes, they jump. While they were pouring into the kiddos, I had the opportunity again today to meet with the woman. We met over under a tree as we continue to prepare for the lunch today as well. We looked into Matthew 5: 33-42- discussing and learning about promises and retaliation. The women always look so intently and I often hear us. Today I also was blessed to hear “amens” from Doreen and Stanley’s mom who is also the chief of the village. That has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with the Holy Spirit. Afterwards, just like yesterday,  I told them they could ask me anything they wanted. The questions started right away today. They asked about……

Tithing versus tithing and extra offerings

How they can respect their husbands

Submission to husbands 

Being their husbands helper

What else they should do so their husbands don’t go looking somewhere else. (This is very common in this culture)

We also had a few other intimate questions about marriage, and had good conversations on how we honor the Lord and represent Christ and the church in our marriage.

They also asked a few questions about Ed and I and our marriage. One lady said it seems like American marriages have no problems and they have so many problems. I assured her that marriages in America have their struggles, too, sometimes they look different, and sometimes they look exactly the same.

I did find out in this village the ladies meet every Thursday evening from 2 to 3 for Bible study together. I’m so glad to know that so that I can be praying for them during that time.

So I said, initially, we were anticipating 200 to 300 kiddos. And that’s what we had enough food for. I truly believe today we saw a miracle. Because over 600 kids showed up- we didn’t think we would have enough food! The team decided we would give up our food to make the food stretch farther. Ovi suggested we hold off to see how far the food would go. Let me tell you, we witnessed enough food for 600 kids and leftovers. I have no idea how else you can explain that EXCEPT GOD.

Ed preached after lunch while Leah and I helped the women wash dishes and Karey took time alone to pray while he preached. Many children professed Christ today. Many prayers looked sincere. It’s a humbling experience to see that.

There is something happening in this village. God is here. There has been so much that has happened to these people…. Yet there is joy!  I looked at Ovi and Ed at one point, and said, “there is a transformation going on here”. You couldn’t help but notice it. There was joy, there was laughter. There was clapping, I could just feel the change that was taking place. I thanked the Lord for showing it to me today for showing me His goodness in a new way and that nothing is beyond His grasp. We don’t always understand timelines, or His ways, but we all know His ways are better than ours.

We just need to keep our eyes on him, regardless of what’s in front of us. Regardless of the river, regardless of the problem. He is always faithful, He has perfect timing, and He will always walk with us through anything.