Formed by the Word…
Engaging in Worship…
Pursuing the Mission…


A day to slowly get up with fresh coffee, roosters crowing (much to Kareys delight) and German shepherd puppies playing. Today we focused on tying up lots of odds and ends, talking and spending some time with Ovi, Lita and the kids. 

The Lord has been gentle and gracious with me this trip (as He always is). He has taught me the importance of listening….not to myself, not to my circumstances but to the Holy Spirit. He has slowed me down on paths teaching His sovereignty and goodness……it can be all around us if we listen and look in submission. Submission can be hard…….but it is truly freeing and perfect and is His command. 

He gave me the gift of being able to physically see and experience spiritual warfare. Some might not think a gift, but it is in my heart. 

I’m not sure how I will be when I get home…….just being honest. We have had worship and bible studies and fellowship with nothing here. Brother and sisters singing praises with just a bongo and voices raised up. Brothers and sisters hungry for the Word on hard benches, dirt floors and animals running by. Nothing to fancy it up, nothing to make it comfortable…….

Brothers and sisters sharing relief struggles. Real sins and being honest about them. The need for repentance and turning away……..

We don’t need anything……just Jesus. A willing heart to come to Him in submission. A willing heart to come and worship Him……..He is always waiting.

See you soon……..