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Mission to Malawi, 2023

May 4th, 2023

One final day to get everything accomplished so we can head out early tomorrow and be ready for the flight out at 3:00 pm, which is 9:00 am for you.

The final day is always a day to reflect, time is given over to us pouring over the Word in our bible time, time to talk with one another about the trip.

I asked the question earlier this week for the team to ponder and answer tonight.

What has God been teaching you these past two weeks, and what has He revealed to you.

The answers were all over the board as expected.

  • The time we have is limited, we need to be intentional to use it for eternal purposes.
  • When church is so beautiful here, and so much enjoyment is had with so little, how do I go back to excess in church that God has shown me isn’t needed?
  • Spiritual warfare is real, tangible and can manifest itself physically, how can I increase my awareness of the spiritual battles around me back home.
  • This was a beautiful trip, a hard trip and a joyful trip serving the Lord. If we don’t encounter difficulties back home, are we serving the Lord?
  • Connections are important to advance the gospel. We were able to build on connections that have been built over 20+ years, to God’s glory. What kind of connections have we made with neighbors, co-workers, to advance God’s kingdom.
  • I need to find ways to remain this intentional in my growth and sharing my faith at home, otherwise I will lose the fire I currently have.

It is always hard to return to the American life of excessiveness, and it is as we discussed a fine line to walk.

We all know now, [the Malawi team] that we don’t need all the stuff we have built into the western church. We simply need God’s word and a tree if it is too sunny.

We have had bible studies with no screens, walls, doors or roofs. We have had men’s meetings and women’s meetings in the middle of the day with well over 20 women and almost 20 men, in a church of under 60!

We sat on hard benches, or the floor, eager to study the Word of God.

We had worship with a broken bongo drum and nothing else other than the collective voices of all the saints that were gathered.

We have had a church service where worship was over one and a half hours long, and the total service was over three hours.

And people were hungry for the word of God. They walk or peddle for hours to hear it, to discuss it.

So, it will be a transition for us back into our churches. We will all remember our brothers and sisters here and look at all the stuff we have collected over the years, and we will ask ourselves why!

We know that God has been working in our lives, and we know that He will continue working in our lives. He will continue to strip us [if we let him] of the things that take our attention away from Him, and from the things we think we need to honor Him rightly.

Our entire life is a work as He continues to mold us, to shape us and conform us to His word, for His Glory.

The journey starts tomorrow morning, most are packed, its 10:30 pm here now and we are all still discussing the trip.

Pray that the memories of what God has done these past two-three weeks, doesn’t fade. Pray that we continue to strive for the goal of having our Father say to us: well done my good and faithful servant.

As I was reminded, is there anything better than that to live for?

Blessings in Christ,

Brother Ed

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  1. Maxwell Anderson

    Thank you for your visitation to Zomba we enjoyed having you here and come next time along with your wonderful delegation

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