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A Tuesday in Malawi….started with some coffee and devotion time. We headed out to visit Liness, Samuels wife. She has been diagnosed with stomach malaria and we wanted to stop by and pray for her and visit for a little bit. Praying that the medicine she has been given will be helpful.

Ovi has not been feeling well, so we convinced him to be checked for malaria as well. We went to a little private clinic…..he is negative. PTL!

Next stop, police headquarters to pick up Anderson, a major in the police force, and Tioeng an officer. Together we took about 400 bibles to the Zomba Hospital. We had 4 different groups (employees) that sat for Ed’s preaching and then they each received their own bible. It was a bit chaotic at times, but praise the Lord the Word was preached faithfully and we were able to connect with the locals here. Karey was able to pray one on one with a lady and Leah and I were able to pray for 3 ladies. 

After giving out the Bible’s, one of the administrators/doctors was gracious to give us a tour of part of the hospital. I was not prepared for what I saw and experienced. The corridors were outside and we were given the opportunity to visit a few wards……upon entering the first (pediatrics), it was an office with employees attention fixed on paperwork. When the doctor took us to the left side of the pediatric area……I think I pulled in a breath and felt my heart drop. Toddlers on dirty soiled linen without medical needs being met, some clothed but most without clothing. Mommas sitting on the floor with bags of belongings, heads bent down with looks of despair. The doctor told us this was a good day, usually there are FOUR toddlers to a bed that was smaller than a twin bed. I thought I had walked into a horrible movie…….how can this be??? There was this feeling of emptiness and hopelessness.

The next room to the right…….I was told this was where the very sick infants are, some without much hope. I didn’t think my heart could sink more but it did. Immediately, crocodile tears filled my eyes as I witnessed babies (sometimes multiple babies) in “beds”. Some with oxygen tubes, most without clothes. As I scanned the room, one tiny sweet soul lay on a bed half covered by a cloth. Oxygen tubes, electrodes on her chest, tubes coming out…….all alone……… one there. No one to hold her, no one to comfort her………I can still see her……will she ever have the chance to hear about Christ?

We then went to the orthopedic area for males………bed after bed after bed after bed…… privacy, no space….every bed being used. I saw dirty bandages, some with only half a cast, some with no cast that needed one, wounds without bandages………there was a palpable weight in that room. Eyes looking for relief, eyes looking for comfort…….my amazing husband prayed for the whole room. 

We walked out of the hospital……I walked feeling like I couldn’t wait to get a breath and the heaviness would ease up…..I am broken by the scenes from the hospital……..will they know Christ? Will someone tell those little ones about our Savior? 

The burdens from today……I think about home…….we have such luxuries that we don’t even see! Things we take for granted. I watched men and women jumping up for a Bible…… we jump up to read the Word? Do we do everything we can to fellowship around the Word? Is it a priority or something we fit in if it is convenient? I watched sick babies that might never hear about Jesus Christ and the price He paid for our sins……I saw men sick without hope……….will they ever know about Jesus? Will someone sit down and tell them? 

Today was hard……tell someone about Jesus! Make His Word your priority…….there isn’t much time!! 

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  1. Thank you for allowing yourselves to be exposed to the hard, the ugly and the uncomfortable. More often than not, that’s where Jesus is also, for His heart is with the sick, with the ones suffering, with the ones desperate. In that dirty room at the hospital you showed everyone something that very few can: that you care. When you passed out Scriptures you showed them love and care. They may forget many things, but they will never forget a group of white people coming to THEIR bed and praying for them.

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