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Day 7 Ntiya 2 Camp

What a beautiful day!

We went to the Church where we began last Sunday of worship. We were expecting 200-400 and had that amount of food to feed them, but when it was time to eat we had about 600. We were willing to give up our food for the others to eat, but GOD gave us a miracle. We fed everyone even ourselves.

The camp started inside the church with songs, but we quickly out grew it. We went outside and divided into 2 groups and some how they divided themselves to were I had the older group, not quite as large as the other group, but I was glad to have the older ones. Today with my drawing of a crown, I put more details in it and the students guessed it as a Kings hat. I pretty much gave the 2 ways to live gospel version, but didn’t too much drawing, because once I get sharing about the Gospel the HOLY SPIRIT takes over. When I was finishing up I told the group to think about what I had shared with them throughout the day and that later on they would be asked it the want to make JESUS SAVIOR and LORD.

Next we played games, can you imagine getting close to 400 kids divided into 3 teams, well it was done quite easily. Unfortunitely I truned my ankle [even with a brace on] as I was going to put my backpack away, so I couldn’t participate in games. I met a young boy about 14-15 who spoke a little english. We tried to communicate some and everywhere I went he seem to follow me there. I believe his name was Precious.

We served lunch as I manned the had washing station, a cup of water dipped out of a bucket and poor over their hands sometimes 3-4 at a time. A plate with a large portion of rice, an egg and shredded pumpkin leaves with an orange sauce makes a tasty meal. The younger children share a plate with another child and the older ones get their own.

After lunch Ed shared a message and once again many wanted JESUS as SAVIOR and LORD. Ed had me come up and try to convince them out of it, but His message was more powerful than mine. So Pastor Ed led them in a prayer of Salvation. We of course don’t know who truly did it to impress us or who really meant it, but some of the looks on faces looked to be real. The important think is that GOD Knows and we did our part of sharing the Truth!