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Mission to Malawi, 2023

April 28th, 2023

Hello there, and welcome from Malawi! Another absolutely amazing day of camp, this time in Ntiya 2!

As we started out today, we discussed what to expect today in attendance and we were told about 200 because school and other items.

Food was brought for 2-400 just in case God decided to show out. Sometimes we just don’t get how amazing our God is.

Today we had well over 600 show up for camp! Janine and I were talking and today was like VBS on steroids! It is amazing what can entertain children here. 3 old Frisbee’s, traffic cones, empty corn bags and old bald tires!

Wait, Mark did bring some new soccer balls, but that was about it. And still, these children had a blast, lots of cheering, extreme competition, and fun.

Leah and Karey teamed up again on a gospel presentation with large picture cards, while Mark took another team with 2 Ways 2 Live, and praise God, for the first time the children knew that Mark drew a crown!

He had so many call it something else previously that I think he was even shocked that they got it, but he had a huge smile on his face and continued to share the gospel.

Janine took time to teach the women that were cooking, and while they labored, she taught from Matthew and answered some questions.

I will leave that for her blog if you want more details on it. But she said the questions were great and had substance showing that they are indeed in the word and seeking answers.

After that camp games started as is the normal process. Having over 600 children playing games together is a beast to control, but Stanley and Samuel, and the leaders, did an amazing job.

They would walk in front of the groups getting them to back up so there was more room for the games, and as they passed them, others would walk right back out in the way, it was simply controlled chaos.

But it was so amazing. During our debrief time, Ovi shared his low in that there was some push back from the older kiddos on the amount of food they received, as in it wasn’t enough. And while that is true, that it wasn’t a normal Malawian meal, it was still a meal they wouldn’t have received had they not been there.

So still, plenty of reason to praise God for His amazing provision.

After all the games we started lunch, and it was intense, just intense. Children would get their meal and sit down right in the line they used to get their meal, so the leaders would have to move them.

Over and over the same thing happened. Then those that had already had lunch tried to come back through the line, thankful that Ovi was the one actually handing out the plates, because he was on it.

After lunch we gathered for the final message, this time from Acts 4. I posed the question, why does HFTF do camps and give away food? Why does the team from HFTF work so hard for people they just met?

Why do Americans fly so far and come into remote villages like this? The answer was the same reason that Peter and John defied the religious authority of the day.

And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

Again, God opened hearts, as many wanted Christ. Mark explained again what they were doing, and there were many that wanted Christ that were simply there because their sister, brother or friend was seeking.

But as any preacher can tell you, there were also those that were hanging on the Word of God. They were older and they were leaning in. To God be the Glory.

We are just blessed that He allows us to participate in His plan of salvation for the nations.

Before we left, we did a video for the church, and by God’s grace it was done on the first try. Praying that it makes it all the way through and has no hiccups for this Sunday.

Tomorrow will be a day of Bible Clubs. These are mini-Sports camps, minus the food and much shorter. We will engage in 3 of these tomorrow.

We are tired, but a good tired. Pray that you all are having a blessed day.

Brother Ed


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