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Gabby Colson, Day 5

Today we spent the day at the mission house with almost 200 pastors and their wives. Ladies went one way and the men went the other.

It was a sweet time of digging into what it looks like to be a godly woman. What true worship looks like. Once they got comfortable we got many many questions, some we had to bring back to dad for pastoral advice.

These women face the same struggles we face, it’s hard to balance their family and also make time to be with the Lord. It’s hard to get up early to work in the fields and make time to be with the Lord. It’s the same things we face each day!

I’m thankful for their honesty, for their vulnerability to share with us the struggles they have in their lives and in their homes.

Tomorrow we have another day of digging into the world together. The majority of our time will be focused on marriage if I had to guess. Women are looked down on here. I pray we can be encouragement and point them to scripture. I pray that they don’t listen because American people came to talk to them, I pray they hear the love of the Lord and how much He loves them.


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