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Engaging in Worship…
Pursuing the Mission…

Gabby Colson, Day 6

Today was a much early start to the day. We finished out the conference but wanted to be done by lunch so everyone had time to get home. One gentleman rode his bike for 5 hours to get to the conference. What an eagerness to learn the word!!

We had an amazing time with the ladies. It’s amazing to see how much they have grown. They were asking questions and asking questions about specific verses they have read to get a better understanding of context. It was a joy to listen to the worship as always.

After the conference we all had lunch and I saw 3 husbands holding their children. Something I’ve never seen in Africa before. We were watching the gospel soften their hearts and watching them love their wives. The Lord is so good!

Tomorrow we have 3 Bible clubs in 3 different villages. It will be a time spent with the kids with different Bible stories, games, and fellowship. I am excited to see how the Lord will use us and the people we will meet!


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