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Gabby Colson, Day 7

Today we had 3 bible camps in 3 different villages. Every time we would pull into the villages Ovi would start honking so kids would know we were here. Once they saw us driving in all the kids started chanting ‘white people’ lol

We had a great time in each village spending time with the kids, singing, and teaching Bible lessons. We would ask question while teaching and the kids were able to give us the answers. It goes to show how much hope for the future is pouring into Malawi. We passed out ‘sweeties’ (lollipops) at the end, most of the kids were patiently waiting.. others not so much. But hey they are kids!!

After the Bible camps we walked around the market looking at all the different fruits and vegetables everyone had. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to eat an avocado the same in America, they are amazing here! And huge!!

Tomorrow we will worship with our brothers and sisters in Nasedegu. I love this village so much. I remember going hut to hut inviting people to church before there was even a building. We would gather under a mango tree for church. And now they have a building, a pastor, and a church full of people.


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