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Pastor Ed, Day 7

April 27, 2024

Three different bible clubs today, and most I can remember from past years. But first we had to stop to make sure that we had enough candy to hand out to all who came [you can see all the pictures on our Mission to Malawi Page @

The ladies did all the teaching today, 2 lessons at each bible camp. I shared with them it was unique to see the lessons grow at each camp, more detail was put into each one.

Our second stop turned into a challenge when we handed out the candy. You have to keep a close eye on the kiddos as they try to get back in line. One young man had to be remove 4-5 times as he kept trying to get back in and grab another one.  Kids will be kids regardless of the nation they come from.

Our final stop was a picturesque setting. I remember this one vividly. Avocado tree full of avocados, banana trees, lime trees, passion fruit trees and the best kept lawn we were on today.

Sadly, at this one most of the kids came from the first two camps. When they were asked to stand up if they came from the previous camps none would,  and since this is behavior that one would not want to promote, no candy was handed out.

The adults as this one were thankful, we did not reward the children for lying and they agreed with the process.

After camp was over, we headed into town for lunch at Steers, great food and better fellowship. This was followed by a trip to the indoor market.

This place is simply amazing, every kind of fruit you could imagine, spices, crafts, hardware so varied that it challenges the imagination. 

Tonight was yet another great dinner by Lita, [she is an amazing cook if I haven’t said that before], great fellowship, a vivid description of how to, or how not to butter corn on the cob, by Ethan, depending on your preferences.

The brief was great and now we are all showering up and winding down for tomorrow, church in Nasedegu.

We will keep you posted, thank you as always for the prayers.



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