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Pastor Ed, Day 6

April 26, 2024

Very early morning today for everyone. The Romanian team that was with us for the last five days had to depart for the airport at 6:00 am, so they were up early, much earlier than normal for them.

We had to adjust our schedule as well and the team needed to be ready to start teaching by 7:30 am today.

Anytime you teach for extended hours it makes for a long day, a fulfilling day, yet long. This morning, I decided to make breakfast for the team, scrambled eggs and bacon [at home its ham, in Malawi it is called bacon] toast with butter, fresh avocado and a variety of juices.

Since we were starting off with the Discipline of Marriage, I figured that everyone could use the extra energy to carry them through to lunch, which is typically around 12:30 ish.

The men were attentive today, many questions, many hard topics discussed. Not my ideas as I told them, but the Word of God. It is always hard if we use and American book or agenda.

None of the illustrations we see in the books or studies we read are relevant to anyone in another culture.

What we do is take the scripture and the ideas and theme of the chapter and create an outline that we can then break down into bit sized chunks for the men and women here.

Today was a joy as I got to see the light go on in a few of the men. As I shared in our debrief tonight, some of the men understand English. I could see them nodding as I spoke and well before it was translated into their language.

Great topics, discussed today, much back and forth conversation, with some serious digging into what the word of God says and the impact that it should have on our lives.

Do we let our villages and men around us dictate what we do, are we seeking the approval of men or the approval of God.

Hard discussions, new revelations and much prayer today.

We were able to enjoy one last lunch with them before they packed up and headed home. Such a joy to see husbands and wives sitting together, talking [hopefully about the lessons], seeing dads hold and care for their children, something we didn’t see last time.

God is working in the lives of our brothers and sisters here in Malawi, and He is working through the Ministry of HFTF.

Such a blessing that God introduced us to Ovi & Lita Cornea. God gave the vision to them, they answered the call and moved to Malawi. It hasn’t always been easy, in fact it seldom is, but it is a calling they have been obedient to and you can see the joy on their faces during conferences such as the one that was hosted the past two days.

Pray for the Corneas. Pray that God would continue to grant them wisdom, insight, grace, and perseverance for the ministry He has given them. Pray for Jessica and Aimee, their two wonderful daughters that are so mature, and we have been blessed to watch grow up into the young ladies they are today.

Pray for Ethan, he is a bundle of energy and joy, we so wish you could have heard his debrief about his day at the dentist, we all agreed it was the best one we have ever heard. He too is growing quickly into a young man.

A wonderful time of fellowship during dinner, followed by our daily debriefing closed out the day.

Now all of us are journaling, preparing for the three bible camps tomorrow on the mountain, and Church Sunday at Nasedegu.

Blessings in Christ,


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