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Engaging in Worship…
Pursuing the Mission…

Janine Wasson, Day 2

Monday April 22nd……..

“Our sufficiency is from God” Eph 3:5

Good morning and Happy Birthday to my husband! Another birthday with red dirt on your shoes! 

I love the mornings here…..every one wakes up, takes some coffee or water and drifts off to their own little space with the Lord. Nothing pulling us anywhere, it’s a time to soak in the Word and quiet time before getting ready.

Ed treated us all to a homemade breakfast of toast with eggs and bacon this morning. Delish! 

Ed also lead us through Ephesians 3 this morning during devotionals. Everyone (our team, Rebecca (from Romania), Ovi and Lita) gathers around in the main room. The quote above was in our scripture this morning. It’s always a sweet meeting that ends with everyone praying before we head out.

Today, our first stop with to find at least 900 pieces of candy for the students at Hope for the Future School. They were getting together today for some pictures Ovi wanted to take. I love driving (as a passenger 😎) in Zomba! Love the crazy driving, the beeping and all the people, bikes and cars in the streets. Mission accomplished! 

We headed over to the dentist to give Ethan and Lita a bit of encouragement as he had to have a tooth pulled. The unknown is always scary, especially for a little man. Ed and myself and Ovi went in. I was so sad to see him so sad…..but I loved the Ethan snuggles. Update on Ethan….I can hear him now running in the courtyard playing with Praise and Promise, giggling, running and being the boy we love!

We headed out to the feeding center and school. Um, so, the roads… was cray cray but we made it! 

We had the opportunity to help the ladies cook and prepare cabbage/tomatoes and get dried corn off the cob for future meals. We didn’t have an interpreter with us, but women can figure it out!

Rebecca included us on a trek to a hut…..where a family takes care of orphans. Before we got there, Ovi let me know we would see a very sick child. When we arrived Rebecca introduced me to a few of the orphans out front. All I wanted to do was scoop them up and love on them….but I have learned you have to go slow- we look different and they don’t know us. It was heartbreaking looking into sweet eyes and having one come and sit on my lap knowing they don’t have a Mom to love them. While this was going on, there was crying coming from behind the hut, where the sick child was sitting. I went around the hut and there sat a crying little girl that had the physical look of about 3 or 4 years of age but was actually 11 years old. Legs and arms deformed, tears streaming down her face as she cried and cried, unsure of what was going on. My bracelet helped for a few seconds but she was definitely overwhelmed. So I prayed…..I prayed she would know our Fathers love, that someone would care for her, that she would come to know Christ, that she would feel peace in her heart.

Back at the feeding center Karey did a Bible story for the kiddos on the story of Babel. She has a gift for teaching! Samuel lead the kiddos in songs and Rebecca lead kiddos in song as well. Gabby, Allie and myself spread ourselves out a bit to be among the children. 

Feeding the orphans under a tree today- all the little faces eating and talking- a sea of children. We handed out lollipops afterwards as a a treat. These children, they are cared for, but I also prayed that the Word would come alive in their hearts. Then the team ate- cabbage, rice and goat meat. My first time eating goat!!! It was good. 

We headed home. Some took showers (we did some sweating today!) and  drank coffee. Karey layed down for a few hours to help with her head ache. 

Ovi, Lita, Ed , Rebecca and myself went back into town to do a little food shopping in Zomba.

We are chilling now, journaling, drinking a little more coffee and sharing our thoughts from being at Kachere. 

I leave todays blog with something I asked myself after our devotion in Ephesians 3

What kind of “letters of recommendation” am I leaving?

What kind are you leaving?