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Pursuing the Mission…

Karey McGlinchey, Day 2

This morning I read in Joshua 6 about the fall of Jericho. I was struck, once again, by how absurd these instructions for battle must have seemed to the Israelites—especially the army. But nowhere does it describe any grumbling or questioning. Just complete and immediate obedience to God’s word. I want to be like that. I know I am far from it now, but with His help I want to be better.

Today we went to the primary school and feeding center at Kachere. Ovi had sent word for a week that he wanted all students there today so he could get a group photo. There were over 700 students! Hope for the future has been such a blessing to this village through the feeding center and the school that many of the people in the village want to build a house for some of the teachers. Right now, the teachers all travel a long way each day to teach. It would be so much more convenient to have a house right there. They are so serious that there is already a stack of bricks waiting to be used for this purpose! We wanted to visit the chief of the village today as well but she was not home. The past couple times we’ve gone to see her she has had some health problems causing her much pain. She is a wonderful woman and I was sorry not to catch up with her. We did, however, get to visit the home where several orphans were living with their grandmother. One was a sweet 3 year old girl who you could just see the sorrow in her eyes! At 3! (Don’t worry! I will not bring her back with me.) As we were visiting with her and some of the people she’s staying with we could hear heart-rending crying from the front of the house. Over there was an 11 year old girl who is suffering from something. She cannot walk and her arms and hands don’t appear to work very well. She was tiny and I suspect some mental deficits as well. She was crying because she missed her grandmother who was gone to a community meeting. Nobody could console her so she just sat in the dirt and cried. Even a piece of candy wouldn’t distract her. Poor thing.

After visiting them we came back to the feeding center and “helped” with lunch. The girls are sure they slowed the process with their slow cutting of cabbage and tomatoes. I didn’t even attempt that. I slow myself down in the kitchen at home! Janine and I and eventually the girls helped pluck corn off the cobs for them to dry and then grind into a flour. We all walked away with very sore thumbs! Lunch was running behind so we decided to teach the Bible lesson before lunch instead of waiting until after. I taught the story of the Tower of Babel. At the end I had Samuel and Rebeka, one of the Romanians still here, to give me instructions to build a tower out of stones. They started off in English so it was easy. Then they switched to Chichewa and Romanian and I was lost and the tower turned into a mess! Hopefully it was an object lesson some of them will remember. Once lunch was ready we helped serve lunches to the 100+ children in the feeding program and then gave each one a piece of candy.

Unfortunately, the roads being so bad, I did not take the drive home very well. I began to feel carsick and then got a headache which quickly escalated into another migraine. I went straight to bed when we got back. After a nap and some medicine I am feeling better. Hopefully the headaches are over and I can get on with things.

Lita brought us another lovely dinner of taco salad then we had birthday cake for the eldest in our crew. We had our nightly debrief where Ethan relived the trauma of having to have a tooth extracted this morning. He is on the mend and back to his usual self now, thankfully! The Romanian team is really soul-searching as they come to their last few days here. They have been here for nearly 2 months and leave Friday. It has been fun getting to know them.

Please be in prayer for the many orphans being cared for by Hope For the Future. We will visit the other feeding center tomorrow. It is hard and encouraging at the same time. Pray for their hearts to know the Savior. Pray that they would have a future in part because they are being helped right now both physically and spiritually.