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Gabby Colson, Day 3

Today was special.

It started with a beautiful and peaceful morning like usual sitting outside taking in the beautiful creation. When all of a sudden we noticed a family of visitors, little monkeys! Allie and I may have given the guard a good laugh because one hopped into the tree right above us and we ran into the mission house! He later told us ‘they no hurt you’ so after we knew we were safe we went back out to watch them. Baboons are known to be very aggressive but these were not baboons, just sweet little monkeys!

13 years ago I was begging my dad to put me in a suitcase and take me to Malawi and today Ovi took me (and my parents) to Blantyre for a meeting with an adoption lawyer. Our journey to become parents has not been an easy one, but none of it has caught God by surprise. After we lost our baby boy in 2022 we have prayed constantly that the Lord would bless us with another child. Many doctor appointments, testing, but there is no reason. His timing is better than ours, but it still makes the journey hard. We’ve prayed on what our path to parents looks like. We both knew we always wanted to adopt at some point, but we thought it would be after we finished having biological children. But that might not be Gods plan. We always thought it would be amazing to adopt from Malawi, but you had to be a resident of Malawi for 2 years. Until last year, when that rule was dropped. The adoption process has been made much easier as we learned today with the child’s best interest at the forefront of the whole process.

So now we pray, we pray that the Lord would lead us and guide to His will and not our own. We pray for our future children (Lord willing) that God would save them and bless them. We pray that the Lord would continue to work in our hearts and prepare us for what our journey to parents looks like.

We would love if you came alongside us and prayed for us!


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