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Karey McGlinchey, Day 3

Malawi Day 3

The team split up today with Ovi taking the Wassons to Blantyre while Samuel took the Romanians, Allie & I to Mpyupyu. The Romanian team has been photographing and gathering information on each of the orphans in the care of Hope for the Future and they had a few to finish at Mpyupyu today. We also visited the care-givers of a couple of the orphans. One little girl lives with her aunt, Theresa, a single mom of 4, who is also caring for this orphan. We were able to talk with her a little bit and found she had a solid testimony of salvation and is a regular attender at the Hope Baptist Church there. She asked us to pray specifically that God would continue to provide for her and her family. With five children and being out in a village, there really is no opportunities for work for her. It was a blessing to speak and pray with Theresa. The second home we visited was a grandmother raising her two orphaned granddaughters, Jasmine & Vanessa, who are 7 & 9. She is elderly and asked us to pray she would have the energy to care for these two girls. She also gave a clear testimony of salvation with a little prompting. Both women allowed us to look into their homes. I will post pictures of one of them on facebook if anyone is interested. The homes are tiny and house a lot of people and animals.

After visiting a few other homes where no one was there, we went back to the feeding center. We played some games and took a lot of pictures of the kids who were there waiting on lunch. They play HARD and are very competitive. They played a round of dodgeball which lasted forever because they are so quick! The girls taught them how to play Red light-Green light and Duck, duck, goose. It was fun watching them all laugh & play. One little guy, no more than 2 tried to pick-pocket my phone. He was a cute little guy who knew how to get the older kids to give him what he wanted!

We did help take corn off the cob for a few minutes and then handed out plates of little fish and nsima to the children. We then ate rice and hard boiled eggs with a tomato sauce. It was yummy and I was hungry. I was also pretty relieved to not be served the little fish. Whew! After lunch we gathered the children in the church where Samuel led them in several songs. They can sing! Then Allie taught them a Bible story about God’s love. We then gave out candy and some clothes that Samuel had picked up in town before we left. It was a little chaotic but everyone got at least one new article of clothes. After that we headed home. Samuel stopped by a florist to give a Bible to someone who had asked about one.


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