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Gabby Colson, Day 4

Today we spent the first part of the day in Nasedegu going hut to hut. We met with people that were members of the church, but also those who didn’t attend church.

Our first family was a mom with her two grown daughters who also had kids. We were able to share with them, but they didn’t quite understand salvation. We were able to take time and talk with them.

At our last house I saw two little faces that I knew. I scrolled back in my phone from the last time I came to Malawi and was able to see how much they had grown and matured in the years I’d been gone.

I’m always so thankful for everything Stanley and Samuel (translators) do for Hope for the future. Today however Samuel was taking us around hut to hut and translating for us. He was able to see things in people that we weren’t able to because of the language barrier. He took one family through the Romans roads and had them physically reading from the Bible, which is something you don’t often see here. He was a blessing to us today and is a blessing to hope for the future.

We came back to the compound and started preparing for our pastor and pastor wives conference for the next two days. We will feed them, teach them and they will sleep on the property. It will be a good time to really connect with the women and hear from them on struggles they face each day.

All in all it was a good day. I remember the first time we went to Nasedegu and had church under the mango tree. Now there is a church that’s pouring into their village. God is amazing!


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