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Pastor Ed, Day 3-4

April 24,2024

Yesterday we went to Blantyre to speak with an attorney regarding adoption. My daughter and son-in-law are looking at Malawi as they continue to seek Gods will for their lives.

Though it is an hour drive, it was a very enjoyable day spending it with family.

Today was not a day I was looking forward to, at least the morning part of the agenda. We had to go to a church to address some issues that were brought up to Ovi.

But even though the person that made the statement was there, nothing was said to verify the issue. But later when a vote was taken regarding the issue at hand, should we address it or should we not, the vote of those involved was 2 yes, 2 no?

We were reminded that in Malawian culture, confrontation is highly avoided.

The only thing that we did learn was that something is indeed going on, and someone is indeed lying, but now that will have to be dug into later on.

Our trip to bible camps and to do the “live event” was derailed when the pastor of the village called us saying that due to things that came up, we would need to do the camp at 1:00 pm, not 3:00 pm.

At 12;30 we were just finishing our discussion,  and no one had lunch yet so we had to cancel.

On top of that Ovi is trying to get his license renewed in Malawi and due to the internet being down at the company he had to sit for over an hour before they told him to leave, and they would call him back later.

As lunch was concluding, the call came in and he had to drop us off and run to the appointment. As of right now I couldn’t tell you if he was able to make any progress, but hey, This is Africa.

I also learned that in order to have an electrician fix the electric coming into your house, you need three benches, a brick, a fifty-five-gallon metal barrel, a metal step ladder and a wooden stick.

You put the three benches together with rocks under the feet, put the brick on top of the last bench to make it level with the other three, put the metal barrel on top of the benches and the brick, then place the step ladder next to the benches so the electrician can climb up on the barrel, and smack the wires with the stick.

After smacking the wires for a bit, Ovi checked and sure enough, the electric is on an working great, TIA.

We did hear some sad news today. The well that was placed in Mpyupyu had the top of it stolen. They might have removed the inner workings of it as well, but we do not know just yet.

As I told Ovi that it was sad that people would steal the pump from the water that supported the orphanage there, he informed me that they had previously broken into the orphanage and stole the food for the orphans as well. Again, TIA.

Lastly, I will have to apologize to the team tonight. As we were discussing the upcoming conference these next two days, what I was communicating in my head, apparently did not make it to my lips, and in thinking it did, I did not react in an appropriate manner.

I could list a litany of reasons why, but none are valid or worthy, I was simply wrong, The positive of it all, just like all of you, I am still a work in progress, there is much to be done in me and my life.

Blessings in Christ,


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