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Janine Wasson, Day 4

Wednesday 4/24/24

“We walk by faith and not by sight.” 2Cor 5:7

Through the night electricity was playing games playing hide and seek at times. Not that it really mattered, it was a beautiful cool night and not having fans was no big deal. But honestly, it should never be a big deal- 1st world probs. Update- all it took was 3 benches, a brick, a barrel, a metal ladder and a stick to whack the wires and the electricity is back on! TIA

We had the opportunity to go to Nasadegu today! Always love seeing the people in the village, hugging and seeing all the kiddos. Great drive- gabby and I were with Stanley and Samuel while the other car had Ovi, Ed, Allie and Karey. It was a good drive full of talking and waving to different little ones.

Ed, Ovi, Stanley and some other men were having a meeting at the church while the rest went visiting hut to hut. Walking the paths, seeing little ones peak out at us at times, goats, steers and tall tall millet. We had the opportunity to visit with some that go to Hope Baptist (to encourage them) and some that are not going to church. They brought out mats and we sat under mango trees. Slowly more would come over and sit down with us. We shared the Gospel with each home and upon further conversations went deeper into what true salvation is. All of them professed to be a believer, but their testimony did not express the true understanding of salvation. During our visits, I heard “I know I am a Christian because after I decided to follow Christ life got easier.” Or “ I was sick and I got better so I know I belong to Christ”. 

As we walked through scripture more slowly, Samuel even had them looking through the Bible at specific verses. I learned that “Romans” is pronounced “aroma” (first “a” sounds like the “a” in cat). We prayed with all of them, for salvation and for specific needs before leaving. An older woman at the first house decided to follow us for the rest of the time in the village. She was an encouragement to others.

While walking I did hear “Janeenee “. Oh my goodness, one of the first girls I ever talked to years ago! We had such a big hug! She has a child now and seems to be doing well. I hope to see her Sunday in church!

We went for lunch and then back to the mission house. We all prepared for the next two days! We will be having a women’s and men’s conference and reviewed our notes.

Lita cooked a delicious dinner and then we had our nightly debrief.

It was a good day……and it was a hard day. I was struck by the fact that while the women we spoke with professed belief in Christ, there was no testimony. There was no awareness of being a sinner in need of a Savior. The “changes” they described were temporary, not eternal. 

But, isn’t that everywhere? Some believe they are saved when the enemy has duped them! There has been no heart change. There has been no confession or repentance or submission to our Savior. The outcome is eternal damnation or eternity with our Savior. Each of us!

Another question that was posed this morning during devotions….. “what is your motive?” Where is your heart in your motive? On missions? Teaching bible study? Teaching Sunday school? Nursery? Talking to your neighbor? Presenting the Gospel? Another heart check today……it was a good day!!!


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