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Pursuing the Mission…

Janine Wasson, Day 8

Sunday 4/28/24

This morning we got easy to go to Nasadegu for church. We all love going there and seeing familiar faces. Ed preached from Philippians and Gabby and Allie taught the children. Such a sweet time. Sitting with the ladies, the singing and a bit of dancing. The church was very gracious and all came one by one to give a hand shake or a hug.

We went up to sunbird for lunch and a little souvenir shopping.

Gabby, Aimee, Jessica and myself hung out and Gabby styled their hair.

Karey, Aimee, Jessica and I played a card game too. 

It has been a bit of a slower day as a few of us have intestinal/stomach issues. But, at least we are all in it together! I think that’s a blessing!😂


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