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Karey McGlinchey, Day 8

Malawi 4/28

So…the whole team except me woke up with let’s call it intestinal distress this morning. No clue what’s causing it, but nobody let it stop them. Took some stoppers & headed out to church! We went to Nasedegu today. It was a rather slow start with many of the people trickling in late. Not uncommon here in Africa. But as people arrived the worship picked up with much singing and joy. Pastor Ed preached out of Philippians 4:4-7, “Rejoice in the Lord always…” Let me tell you, that peace that surpasses all understanding is absolutely amazing and just that—beyond understanding! Not saying we have to act like everything is (as my husband would say) fluffy ducks, but even in the hard times we can rejoice because the Lord is with us.

After the service we went to a restaurant called Sunbird, up on the mountain. It is a lovely place with gorgeous views. We ate out on the patio even though it was a little chilly today. They have employees who’s sole job is to scare away baboons who otherwise will actually jump on the table and take your food! They can be violent, too, if threatened. There were some really big ones but several little babies. After lunch we walked down the road looking at some of the souvenir booths. They have some nice hand-carved items.

At our debrief tonight (after another lovely dinner by Lita) we were reminded that serving here is not easy. Many of the churches are struggling to stand in the middle of Biblical ignorance, lack of education in general, culture clashes and in many cases outright demon worship. It is so hard to train men and women in the limited time with them as well as limited personnel and resources. Hope for the Future has done an amazing job and will continue in the fight, knowing that it is God who will do any work here with our help or in spite of it. All we can do is work faithfully and pray.


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