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Pastor Ed, Day 8

April 28, 2024

Today was Nasedegu. I learned today that what I thought was a rough hard beginning, was even worse than I knew.

This was the village that we couldn’t let the women go out with us when we showed the Jesus film. Much was going on that made that night a very dangerous endeavor.

I learned tonight that they were actually planned to do serious harm to Ovi and Lita after their first official visit.

This is also the village where we had people ask us who was this Jesus we keep talking about.

Today, there is a church that is full, 60% children, 30% women and 10% men. We discussed that those children will be the next generation in that church.

The pastor Jonah has experienced his ups and downs, and there are still things that Ovi needs to dig into in order to find the truth.

This is a NT church straight out of the book of Acts, filled with all the issues of the church in Corinth, with a  pastor that has so much to learn biblically speaking. But this is Malawi, an many here do not read or write.

As Lita said, the church has grown from humble beginnings, no longer do they meet under a mango tree (I confess as others have said, I miss those early days in various churches when church would be under the trees.

There is still so much to learn for Jonah and the other pastors, but God has given us  glimpses of His work among them.

Statements said by lead pastors that align with biblical standards that would have never been said before. Statements that while biblically true regarding marriage, go against the prevailing cultural tide, but change is happening, be it in baby steps.

But that is good that there is forward progress. The church is a living organism, and as such it should be growing, when the church ceases to grow, it is dying.

I rejoice in the glimpse we have seen; I pray that they are indeed sincere, and that fruit continues to come from the pastors walk.

God did not need to show me anything, yet in His infinite Mercy & Grace we see His work among the men and women of Malawi.

I confess, I did get a tad misty eyed today at the end of the service. A small group wanted to ask Jesus to be their Lord & Savior, and as we went back in it hit me, we are leaving soon.

This was the last time [formally] that we will be able to preach or teach the Word of God to our brothers and sisters here in Malawi.

And though I find it sad because I have to leave, there is comfort in Hope for the Future continuing to do what they have always done, reach out to a lost and dying world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am thankful that we have once again been allowed to link arms with Ovi & Lita and the work that God is doing through them.

It was a blessing to rekindle relationships with so many people, my cup runs over.

There is no time that I am more content than when I am teaching, preaching and sharing the gospel with those that God puts in our path.

These past three weeks have been special to me because I have been able to do just that with the people of Malawi.

What a glorious God we serve.


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