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Mission to Malawi 2022- Part 2

April 17th, Resurrection Sunday!

Good Sunday morning, the team has arrived.  I apologize for not posting last night, but due to unforeseen circumstances we had to do some scrambling for a few hours.

The last few days have been quite the ride. 

Friday, we left without a problem.  We made it to the airport and didn’t have to pay for parking due to the best son in law in the world. 

Everything was smooth during check in, no issues at all.  Though since we did have a smaller team, and I like to stay in the back to make sure I don’t forget anyone [no comments from you Geri] that meant that the girls had to led us through the airport in Chicago, boy was that an adventure.

After speaking to four different airport personnel, we finally made it to our long flight.  Talk about blessing upon blessing.  I had an entire middle row to myself, and the girls had a row together, alone! 

We had ample room unlike anything we have experienced before.  Even the food on Ethiopian airlines had been upgraded. A real chicken thigh, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots for dinner.  Trust me if you have flown with us before you understand the importance her.

Next stop, Addias!  What a change here as well.  This airport has improved dramatically, nice restaurants all around, though we had no time to stop. 

The last flight however was rough.  All three of us were overly tired, I have found no matter the room you have sleeping on a plane just isn’t easy, and we were packed together in one row. 

Your legs start cramping, irritability tries to creep in, but praise God, we made it, with nothing bad happening at all, that is until we arrived in Blantyre.

We breezed through the health check in, the Visa process is a dream now, when through customs and starting looking for our luggage.  We looked and looked, and looked some more, no luggage!

And of all the times to change the process of not taking a carry on with a back up set of clothes, this had to be the time.  So, off we go to the counter to file our claim and we are promptly followed by three other missionary groups as well.

Seems as though the plane was too heavy in Chicago, so they decided to leave some luggage behind!  But that is how it works on mission.  The devil knows when we are at our weakest, most irritable, and will take that moment to attack.

You know what we did, we gave it to God!  [Bets are in now for when our luggage will actually arrive.  Ovi says Sunday, Janine and Karey say Monday, Lita says Tuesday] 

After giving it to God we went out to eat, had a great time of catching up with Ovi, Samuel and Stanley, then we shopping for the necessities.  You now what, praise God we had the funds to go purchase these items.

As I type this it is 6:27 AM on Resurrection Sunday!  We will head out to Nasedegu by 8:20 AM!  God has led me to 1 Corinthians 15:1-8

So excited to celebrate this Glorious day with my brothers and sisters in Christ, here in Malawi!  We don’t need luggage to tell others of Christ and what He has done for us.

We love you all, please continue to pray that God would be glorified, that God would be honored, and that many souls would come to know the Savior that willingly laid down His life for them.

‘Trials teach us what we are, they dig up the soil and show us what we are made of”—Charles Spurgeon