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Mission to Malawi 2022- Part 1

Greetings everyone.

This will be the place to come for daily updates regarding Highland Park First Baptist Churches “Mission to Malawi 2022.

Today we come seeking prayer for tomorrow morning. We have our PCR travel tests scheduled for 8:30 AM in downtown Louisville. Would you pray that we get negative results, that no one would be found positive for Covid? This is our final test before we fly out Friday morning at 7:30 AM.

If the LORD is willing, we plan on being at the Louisville Airport at 5:30 AM to get checked in and ready for our first flight.

For those of you that have/are supporting us, this blog will allow you to actively be there with us. We plan to post each night about the day’s events. There are many that have supported this mission trip financially, through prayer, through acts of kindness and various other ways. We hope that this will allow you to “be on mission” as you take this journey with us.

Pray that the LORD would build this trip daily, lest we labor in vain. [Ps. 127.1] Pray that we are open to the Spirits leading each step of the way, not just once we arrive. We do not want to miss an opportunity to share the gospel with those we encounter during our travel.

We have posted a “Prayer Guide” that lists daily planned activities. I pray you know that God seldom follows my plans, but rest assured we will keep you updated through this blog of our daily events and plans for the following day to allow you to adjust your prayers accordingly.

Highland Park, we love you! I cannot express in words the gratitude we have that you are sending us, we go in humility, we go eagerly, and we Go in the Power of our Risen Savior, Jesus Christ.

May He be glorified in this trip.

Update 4/14/2022

Praise God that all PCR Covid tests came back negative! We thank you so much for your prayers! Let the packing begin, Malawi–we are coming for you!