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Mission to Malawi 2022-April 20th-Pastor Ed

April 20th-Wednesday

Good morning from Zomba Malawi Africa.  Great quiet time this morning with the LORD.  Our devotional this morning was in Ephesians 1:9-10.  We actually tied together verses 4-10. 

In verse 3 Paul talks about us being blessed with every spiritual blessing and in verses 4-6 he speaks of blessings in the past, verse 7 & 8 speak to blessing in the present, and 9 & 10 speak of future blessings.

What a day it will be indeed when our God unites all things in heaven and all things on earth in Him! What a wonderful hope we have in Jesus.


Also, today as I confessed to not being too good at English classes in high school, the teacher here said yup, I read your post, should let me proofread it!  LOL  So just fair warning, this most likely isn’t going to be the most grammatically correct post in the thread, just sayin’.

Today we went out to the market to look at what a Malawian “farmers market” is like while we waited for the pastor at Mpyupyu to get the corn we were going to deliver.

Quite an amazing place, sadly we were not allowed to take too many pictures there due to cultural issues, but it was still a very good eye opener for all of us. 

Then we hooked up with Stanley and Samuel at another market where they had purchased the corn, we were delivering to the villages right around Mpyupyu.

Forty bags were delivered today.  The pastor of each church provides a list of members that have lost most of their crops due to the tropical storms and on a rotating basis, as God provided funds, corn is distributed. 

It really is crazy, depending upon where peoples fields were they either lost everything they planted, or most of what they planted.  All of them came back and planted other items after the corn was destroyed.

Some planted more corn that did not have enough time to mature, thus the short stalks with no yield.  Some planted potatoes, some planted Cavasa, some planted rice and so on. 

Those that planted rice [it has to be a very wet area] are harvesting it and taking it to the market to sell [it cost four times as much as corn] and then buying corn to feed the family.

Donations are coming in to HFTF to help support families.  In speaking with Ovi today it costs roughly $15.00 to feed a family for a month, and as long as funds are being sent in, Hope for The Future will continue to help.

The issue is that this problem will not go away until the next harvest season, so we are talking about 1 year or next April. 

And it is so confusing this time of year because everything you see is so green and lush, we are just coming out of the rainy season and into the Malawi winter.  Then comes the heat and starvation season.

Starvation season comes every year right before harvest, I cannot imagine how bad it will be this year on everyone.  I have faith that God will take care of His children; we just need to figure out how we fit into the solution.

We were able to talk after the distribution of the corn.  We touched on the fact that the corn is from God, though HFTF brings it and many churches support HFTF, God is the one that actually provides, and God is the one that deserves all the praise.

We then sang a song and closed in prayer, and everyone went on their way.  Even though they have corn they still must take it somewhere to have it ground into flour so they can prepare dinner. 

This is truly a system that loves people in need. And you know what, the people that need love are not just the Malawians. 

I have been blessed to develop a genuine friendship with Ovi, Lita, Jessica, Aimee and Ethan [even though he struggles to remember my name sometimes].  I have developed a respect and a love for them, for what they do.

It has been a joy each time I get to link arms with them and serve the Malawi people.  I get tired, it gets hot, electric comes, electric goes [takes Wi-Fi and fans with it], and things seldom if ever go as we planned them to go, but there is no where else I would rather be.

God has blessed me with the Cornea’s, God has used them to open my eyes to the needs all over the world.  I love to share the gospel in the villages, and it is a joy to spend a little bit of time loving on those who don’t just go for a few weeks, but live their lives on the mission field.

But shouldn’t each of us, where we are, live our lives on our own personal mission field?  I think so, but it is good to leave our personal field [our Jerusalem] and go to another field and have our eyes opened a bit more.

I reflected today about my gratefulness to God for the Malawian brothers and sisters He has brought into my life.  Brothers and sisters that God revealed to me this week, remember things I thought only I remembered. 

Brothers and sisters that are thankful each time we come, thankful for the teaching, for the preaching and the friendship that we share.

It has been a beautiful week, these past four days, I am so excited to see what God has in store for us in the days to come. 

I can’t say it enough, thank YOU for sending us—thank YOU for praying for us—thank YOU for reading this blog and joining us on this trip, Malawi Mission 2022.

Now I have to make a call! [Ask me about that later]

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Ed