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Mission to Malawi 2022-Janine-April 20th

What a great day! There were some logistics to work out as we prepared to take corn to a village where their crops have failed. The purchasing, the bagging and the sewing of the bags were essential before we could help transport. So, Ovi took us on a fun excursion to the farmers market I had mentioned. It was fantastic!!! Different herbs and spices, different vegetables and different fruits……let me just say if the passion fruit is not ripe it tastes like a sour patch kid and gets the jaw cramping! Lol. Also, if you ever wondered, there are prickly cucumbers and prickly custard apples. Stanley lead us down into the fish area……fascinating! All the fish appeared to be smoked and dried. To prepare it, you would take it home and then boil it in water. It was a great experience  and another way of understanding the culture here.  Everyone was friendly and open to talking. Karey and I purchased hand carved wooden spoons for serving rice and for mixing while cooking. Karey has other ideas for hers as well….maybe she will let you know! 😊 

Stanley and Samuel went off to get the 40 bags of corn (2 tons) and we accomplished a few odds and ends before heading out to meet them.

I know I have said this before, but man alive, the roads today out to the village, mpyupyu, was crazy! Hug ditches and trenches……sliding, bouncing and lots of turns. These roads/paths have been worn down by the storms that went through here…..there is a lot of work to be done to make them passable. I will also be honest and say, Karey and I had a lot of good laughs while Ovi and Ed navigated. We took it as another adventure on our mission to watch God provide and help a village in a time of serious need. 

When we reached the Pastors house (we had to wait for Stanley and Samuel as there truck could not make it the way we went), there were men and women and children in the courtyard. Karey and I started shaking the little ones hands and taught them the fist bump……they just giggle so much at that……I love the simple things! We drew in the dirt/sand together….smiling faces with crazy hair and the sun. The language barrier disappeared. There is a simplicity that is so tangible…..just sitting in the dirt and creating, laughing (like real belly laughs). I miss this at home, life can get so complex and full with things that shadow simplicity. I prayed as we were drawing in the dirt…..that these sweet faces would hear the call from our Father in their hearts one day. 

Then the corn arrived and we went back to the back side of the house. Women there were sitting on mats with babies. As we were making our way back there, a little one was not happy with all the commotion. She was crying…..I just wanted to scoop her up but she was not sure of my presence . In the back children were running around as the women tended to babies and were picking dried corn kernels off of a small amount of corn they had. That little one that had been crying…..eventually made her way over to me. As I gently rubbed her upper back she stayed. If I stopped she would look back and move a little closer……sometimes it takes baby steps. Now Karey was the “baby whisperer” today and was able to hold one of the cute little ones!! Karey’s sweet spirit is such a gift…….so thankful we are here together.

I took pictures with the ladies and they were giggling as much as the kiddos!!!! A sweet time to just be together.

After the corn was given out, we gathered around the tree to pray. Ed suggested we sing a worship song first……it was beautiful to listen to the people of the village give thanks. I got crocodile tears as I reflected on Gods goodness, that He would allow me to be a part of today. To watch Him care for His children, to be in the details! Ed lead us in prayer as we thanked GOD for the provision! 

The rest of our day consisted of crazy roads, Karey and I laughing (our cheeks hurt often), playing with the kiddos back here at the mission house (I am not a good “monkey in the middle”) and relaxing with the Corneas as Ovi and Lita grilled dinner for us.

Side note to yesterday that I forgot to add……while we were walking the paths in Nasedegu, Stanley at one point said to “go on ahead” he had to make s phone call. I’m thinking “out here in the middle of no where?”, but I didn’t say anything and kept going. A bit later I had to “relieve my self” in the middle of no where, to which I learned THAT WAS WHAT STANLEY WAS SAYING!!! We all laughed a lot at that…..especially since Stanley had directed me to a path (of course I made Karey go with me) to “make a phone call”…….and afterwards realized we had to walk that path………TIA!!! THIS IS AFRICA………..AND I LOVE IT!!!