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Mission to Malawi 2022-April 24th-Karey


Read Acts 16-17 today and further amazed and challenged by the miracles in the early church. There were also trials. Paul was put into prison. But instead of sulking or even just awaiting his fate, he witness to the jailor! I sometimes think that I need to wait until the circumstances are just right to witness to someone, but 2 Timothy 4:2 challenges us to “preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.” God needs to be the center of my focus always. If He is, then I will be talking about Him all the time.

We went to church at Nasedegu again this morning. There were considerably few people there this morning which was a little disappointing, but the worship was wonderful and the Word was preached! During worship, Samuel called me out and made me sing with him one of the songs he’d taught me. I completely butchered the Chichewa part, but it was a fun experience. I love to sing, and their harmonies are amazing! Pastor Ed preached again.  At the end an invitation was given and several came forward for prayer—mostly for sickness. One woman brought her baby to be dedicated to God. It was a sweet time.

After church we ran home to use the bathroom then right back out for lunch at Steer’s, a burger place in town. I ended up sitting at the kid’s table which was fun. I enjoyed getting to know Jessica, Amy & Ethan more. They are fun kids! We came back to the house for a half an hour or so before heading back out to another village with a house church.

The village of Salima has no actual church building but there is a church that has been meeting there for about 2 years now. The pastor was not there because his wife had gotten sick and he went with her to hospital. His mentor took over for him, though. There were about 8 men and lots of women and even more children. It was fun to hear them sing praise to our God under a mango tree. They had seated us all in chairs in the sun while everyone else sat in the shade of the tree. When Pastor Ed got up to preach he walked over to the shade, leaving Janine & I to toast. Ha! There was an occasional breeze so we made it. It was kind of funny to watch several goats walk through the congregation looking at us like “what are you doing here?” As Ed preached I watched a young man lead a small flock of sheep down the road and into a pen across the road from where we met. They all just followed along without a care. It reminded me of how we can follow our Great Shepherd without worry. He will watch over us and move us to just the right place at the right time. Another invitation was given and we had the chance to pray with several women who’d come for prayer about some health related issues and one older woman who’d come to repent of an argument she’d had with her mother. I am reminded that I, too, need to confess when I have sinned and try to make right any wrongs I have done to others.

After church we came back to the house and relaxed a little before dinner. Janine challenged me to a game of pool. We are both horrible pool players. But we had fun and laughed a lot—again. Then the kids all came in and wanted to play so we let the littles play a quick game but just as the older ones were setting up a round, the dinner bell called (Ovi came and sent the kids all home). Dinner was delicious as usual and then they had jackfruit for dessert. I tried it and liked it but my head was starting to hurt so I did not participate in the jackfruit harvest. Personally, it looked like a whole lot of work for what little food it provided, but Ed & Janine really got into it-literally. They were both sticky nearly to the elbows! After our team debrief I was able to sneak away and video chat with the family. I miss them and it was good to see and talk to them. Again I am so grateful for a husband who is supporting me on this adventure.