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Mission to Malawi 2022-April 24th-Pastor Ed

Sunday, April 24th

Great day today, two church services.  First one this morning in Nasedegu in the church that God built, the second service in Salimu under a tree that God made.

Today started with our quiet time, but today we started with Psalm 36, God’s faithfulness.  And instead of a devotional time, we spent time in prayer.  We prayed for both churches, for God’s Word to move and work among them.

We prayed for the remainder of the week, to run with endurance the race set before us here in Malawi.  That though we are all tired we would be mindful of our words and actions.

Then we are off to Nasedegu.  Remind me to tell you what happened when I got to Nasedegu when I get back. 

When we first arrived, those of us that came outnumbered those from the church, as I was pondering where they all were I started to see some familiar faces.

As we were midway through the fourth song the attendance had doubled. Things are a little more laid back and people arrive later.  But after four or more songs we got into the message I spoke about yesterday. 

It was a blessing to get to preach God’s Word to my brothers and sisters on our final Sunday in Malawi. 

As we were concluding services, Ovi had a quick message, so about an hour later—I’m just kidding.  Ovi had a short message that fit perfectly into the two messages we shared the past two Sundays.  Tied them together perfectly.

You know that we previously visited different people that had been missing in church.  Just to love on them, tell them they were missed and invite them back to church. 

Ovi was speaking from John 4, the woman at the well, and asked how many of you are those we visited and invited back, all of them showed up!  He used this point to tell the church they should reach out; it shouldn’t just be Ovi or teams that are reaching out to members that miss church. 

I wondered what it would be like in churches everywhere, if every member actually reached out to brothers and sisters they didn’t see at church?  Would there be any empty seats in the church?

Great day, I do have to admit, I was sad to leave. It is always painful to say goodbye, especially to people you love, and you don’t get to see all that often. 

But I am thankful for the opportunity to share God’s word again, in person. I will continue to try, as time allows, teach on Zoom for the Wednesday afternoon bible study. 

Jonah, the pastor of the church in Nasedegu, told me and Janine as we left, to say hello to Gabby and all else who know him and Nasedegu.  He misses all of you that have come before.

We headed back to the mission house before lunch, some things needed to be done.  [If you ask me about my previous comment, it will explain this detour]

Then we were off to lunch, this time we were blessed to have Lita, Jessica, Aimee, and Ethan with us.  Great lunch, back to the mission house to drop off the family, grab a quick cup of coffee and then off to the second church service in Salimu, under the tree.

You know there is just something about having a service, gathered together under a tree.  Another time of worship and sharing of God’s Word, this time from 1 John 1:1-4 as we dove into the blessing of fellowship with each other and with God.

This group has been meeting under this tree for some time now.  They have been meeting for roughly two years.  There were quite a few youths, as we would say in America in this church, all sitting quietly in the front. A wide variety of age ranges as well.    

At the end we opened the altar for repentance, salvation and prayer.  We had about 6 come up, two men four women, all seeking prayer. Both men were ill, four women were ill, on woman was having issues with her mother.

I prayed with the men, Janine prayed with the women that were ill, Karey prayed for the woman that was having issues with her mother.

These village needs a church.  Sadly, many that would come, will not come until there is a building, it is just a cultural thing. Be in prayer for us at HP, is this something that we should do?

Our night concluded with another wonderful meal prepared by Lita; I do not ever recall having anything made by her that I did not truly love.  Gabby described one of the desserts she made one time as a warm hug!

We did our debrief for the day, and now we are all settling down, completing our journals, and looking forward to tomorrow when we get to go door to door sharing the gospel in this new village.

Much love, until tomorrow.