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Mission to Malawi 2022-Janine-April 22nd

April 22nd……..

Happy Birthday to my Ed! What a beautiful place to spend his birthday! I am thankful for the years the Lord has blessed him with here. Though we often say this is not our home, heaven is. It is humbling to watch as the Lord continues to mold him…..if I get too busy I miss it. But when I sit and ponder the years, what a testimony the Lord has given him. 

Back at the mission house…..

We had the opportunity to deliver corn to the village in Kachere today. On our way, Ed and Ovi switched places so Ovi could get some pictures and video leading up to Hope for the Future with his drone. Ed did a great job navigating all the trenches and ruts while driving on the left side of the path from the right side of the car……

The corn was passed out after Ed had prayed and we enjoyed a song of Worship to the Lord. The men that came for the corn….if they were on foot would have to walk 4 hours with the 50 pound bag to get back home, if they had a bicycle it would take about 2 hours. As I watched the men load their bikes or put the bag on their head or shoulders, I confessed to Karey….how in the world or why in the world would I ever complain about going 15 minutes down the road to Kroger??? Really makes you stop and think……makes you evaluate your heart……I must confess I felt selfish as I thought about back home. I watched 3 men with bicycles, each with two 50 pound bags on their bikes…..they will push their bike for the next several hours, hunched over…….I prayed for their strength and perseverance. May my heart be steadfast on gratefulness to our Heavenly Father…..His provision physically and spiritually.

After Kachere, we went into Zomba for some lunch…….Ed and Ovi also needed to make a stop at the hardware store for some items that would help at the mission house. Ovi suggested I go in and place our order and pay for it while they went to fetch the items! Of course I am like “sure thing, no problem!” As Karey and I walked into “Steers”, my thoughts went to “I have never done this before, what if they don’t understand me?” It was great!!! I think the girl at the counter could tell I was struggling and I finally said “I am sorry, but I have never ordered in your country before” to which we had a good laugh. She was so sweet and helped me along….but then the total came…..kwacha is ALOT different than American dollars! I got a bit frazzled…..Karey to the rescue!!!! I handed her the money Ovi had given me and she figured it out! She’s a natural! The girl behind the counter let me take a picture with her too……I am sure they all got a giggle out of the American lady after we left. Karey and I have teased (maybe not completely 😜) that we are going to go on the Amazing Race together! We determined today that she will handle the money! Lol

Back at the mission house we enjoyed some coffee, watching the kiddos play and much needed girl time with Lita while the guys ran out for a few more errands. Time with Lita……she is a gift. A quiet strength and calmness, someone you can really talk with about anything. Share ideas, bounce off ideas, share struggles and share joys. I am thankful the Lord brought our paths together and to cross here on earth. She is a treasure! 

Dinner tonight at the Italian restaurant for Ed’s birthday…….soooooooo good! Eggplant with fresh bread, a crocodile tail appetizer and delish pastas, gnocchi and pizzas…….But the time together even better- there seems to always be conversation that include lots of giggles and good  conversations that help each of us grow. There are 2 new games we will be bringing home for our church family! You can thank the Corneas for that!😂

I am thankful for Lita and Ovi- their hearts spur me on, spur us on to glorify Him. Isn’t that what family is for?


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