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Mission to Malawi 2022-Karey-4-17

4/17/22 (I think)

Wow! Just wow! Haven’t written in a few days and so much has happened. From the beginning, I think. (I am so tired right now it is actually hard to think.)

The flights all went well. Janine & I probably kept many around us awake because we just giggled a LOT. The first two flights were pretty empty so we were able to spread out. I was really hoping to sleep some since there was so much room on our overnight flight, but alas, sleep fled from me! I dozed a few times but not for any substantial amount of time. SO…when we arrived, I was exhausted beyond belief! I don’t ever remember being so tired! Then the fun began. Ed finished with customs first and went to retrieve our bags. I could tell by his body language across the airport (it was just one large room) that something wasn’t quite right. By the time I finished with customs he & Janine were both at the lost luggage desk animatedly trying to figure out what to do next. All I could do in my stupor and lack of surprise at the Devil’s ways was to laugh. Did Satan really think he could stop us by taking our clothes?!? Ha! So Ed filled out the forms and we were told they would be here the next day. We went back outside and met Ovi, Stanley and Samuel. We all laughed about the luggage—some more exuberantly than others—then we went for dinner. A burger was just the thing. It helped me pep up enough to run all over the place looking for some clothes that we could wear, and a few basic necessities to get us through till our luggage arrived, which we naively thought would be the next day. Then a short drive to our home in Malawi. Lita had fixed dinner for us which was wonderful. Then they all sat around reminiscing while my eyes rolled up inside my head. I was so tired! Then downstairs where we tried to figure out what to wear & wash, took showers (migraine meds for me as well) and I was out by 8pm. I had to get up again a few hours later and take some more migraine meds but after that I was ok and slept pretty well the rest of the night.

Easter morning. Up fairly early and excited to get on with this day. Read all the many messages Pat sent me overnight (all is still good there). Read through each account of the resurrection in the gospels. I was struck by how God had already prepared just what each follower needed when they needed it. For Example, when the women were going to the tomb to prepare Jesus’ body, they were wondering who would move the stone for them to have access to him. But they got there and it was already moved! Jesus did not need to move the stone to get out, and if He’d just waited until the women came and they moved the stone, His risen body would have been discovered anyway. But He opened it so they could go in and see. Then he sent an angel to explain what happened! Another thing I noticed is that there were basically three groups of people involved in the empty tomb. First were those who believed. They believed and went and told the others. The second group were the ones who did not quite believe the message they were hearing from those who did believe. The doubters. Third were the soldiers and leaders who actively tried to hide any indication that He’d truly risen. I had to stop and think which group do I belong to? I know I am not actively hiding Christ, but could I possibly take the easy way out sometimes and take my money (ease, popularity, position, etc.) and say nothing? I know sometimes I doubt. I doubt that God can do miraculous things. I prayed right then and there that I would not doubt and that He would perform miracles this week. I truly want to be like those who first believed and then RAN to tell others about Him.

Lita fixed pancakes, which were delicious, then we headed out. It was a long, bumpy ride but the service was amazing! The people sang with such joy and energy! The harmonies were wonderful and I wished repeatedly that I knew some of the words to sing along. I contented myself with humming. I’m gonna learn some of these songs before I leave! I want to sing at least one with them! Ed preached a wonderful message then more singing and home. It really doesn’t sound like much but it all left me so full! Except possibly for trying to balance on the bench with Janine. Every time one of us shifted (which I did often because my rear hurt) it felt like the bench was going to topple us both! Now that could have been funny! After church we went to lunch at a really beautiful restaurant up on the mountain overlooking the valley. We ate out on a porch with a beautiful view, nice breeze and some naughty baboons that wanted our lunch. They had a guy walking around with a sling shot to chase them away! After lunch we just sat outside with Ovi & Lita and just talked. We talked about a lot of things but they were able to share more about their ministries both here and in Romania. Things are going but it is not easy. We continued the conversation over dinner of really yummy mac & cheese. Unfortunately, my eyes did the roll back inside my skull thing again and I really struggled to follow all of the conversation, but I did enjoy it! It is just good to sit and talk to like-minded people.

Naturally, not everything could go without us having something to laugh about. I was washing my hands in one bathroom and Ed was showering in the other when the lights went out. I stumbled around in the dark for far too long before remembering my phone was in my pocket. Sheesh! Janine tried flipping the breakers but they didn’t work. I told her not to touch the one that looked different so we went and got Ovi. He came and flipped the different one. Then we laughed again. And here I am. Ready for bed. With our clothes in the washer because we

[This shows you how tired Karey was, this is how the journal was left for the day.  Karey is fine, as we laughed about this in the morning. Pastor Ed]

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  1. Loving these entries! Thank you!
    Karey made me laugh a lot. Also, she’s a very talented writer (when her eyes aren’t doing that roll back in her skull thing. LOL).

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