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Mission to Malawi 2022-Karey-April 18th


So apparently I left off in the middle of a sentence last night. I have no idea what I was about to say. But I was tired. Feeling better today. I made it through dinner without having to pinch myself to stay awake! But from the beginning…

We got up & going this morning about the same time. It had rained a bit overnight and the dogs were having a bark contest with some critter all night long. I did manage to sleep a good bit, though. We headed out early and needed to do a little shopping. Janine & I needed something to wear around the house since our luggage still hadn’t arrived. She also needed contact solution and we were buying fans for the house since the ones that had been here were dead. As Janine found the exact contact solution she uses regularly she said “Now that I have this, our luggage will come and I won’t even need it.” We all laughed…yes. Our luggage showed up today. Haha! I told her she should’ve bought it yesterday!

After shopping we went to the school. It was a holiday so there were no regular classes but the 8th graders who are repeating the grade (not because they failed) trying to get accepted into a high school were there studying with Stanley. We sat in on their class for a little bit and got to hear Stanley teach a short history lesson. I found it interesting. Naturally, the children were a bit shy because there were now 5 other adults in the room but it was good to see some taking diligent notes and to hear others giggling (probably about us-Ha!)

After class and talking to Stanley a little bit we peeled and chewed on some sugar cane. It was good but a lot of trouble to get to. Fun new experience! We then walked to the village (I’m horrible with names and would never spell it correctly anyway so will need to check the other journals to find them.) We met and talked to the chief and her husband for a little while. She was very kind and friendly. The harvest this year was destroyed by rains & flooding. They tried to replant but still got nothing. She said it was going to be a difficult year. She told us that some government people had come to take pictures of the devastation but she hasn’t seen or heard anything since so no help from them is expected. From there we went to visit with the pastor of this village church. He was such a kind, soft-spoken man. I liked him immediately. He was so humble.

The others told about when they first started the feeding center nearby, he forsook planting his own crops to go help there instead. He was trusting God to provide for him. His crop that year was more than usual! He said that every year he gets more than he expects! And he gives a lot of his harvest away to others! Such a wonderful example of trusting God and doing what Christ would have done here on earth! We played with the children for a little while. They flocked around us, especially if we had out a camera! Two groups were playing different ball games. Their balls were made up of rolled up plastic bags with string or strips of cloth tied around them. They were extremely competitive! It was fun to watch!

When leaving this village Ovi got a phone call that our luggage had arrived. We went immediately to pick it up. It was all there. The tubs had cracked lids but everything seemed ok as far as I know. We had lunch and some ice cream then headed home. Once back we opened up our luggage and the tubs and were finally able to give Ovi & Lita the things we brought for them and for the ministry. It was fun to see their faces and they were very appreciative. We set up the fans (which had come in parts) then went upstairs for dinner. Once again, the food was delicious and the company even better. We were able to laugh a lot and just have a fun relaxing time. I even was able to stay completely awake through all of it! (Hopefully I’ll even be able to finish all my thoughts here tonight.)

A fun thing today, there were monkeys! They came into the trees right in front of the house to grab some bananas Ovi put out there. They were so cute! When we came  home the bananas were gone and they were playing on & around Stanley’s truck. One was sitting and looking at itself in the mirror!

Oh! There’s a bat in the big open, group room (or whatever it’s called). Good thing we have our bags because that’s where the washer & dryer are. Not sure we are going in there to wash clothes for a few days. Ha!

This morning I read in Acts. Seemed appropriate with being on a mission trip and just after Easter. I read about the disciples doing and seeing miracles. I prayed that I, too, would see a miracle. While I may not have seen it firsthand, I did hear about the pastor’s crops from his (and an interpreters) mouth. I will now be praying for him and his church. I will be praying for the Chief. She is having some health issues.

There! I finished with a complete sentence!

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