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Mission to Malawi, 2023

May 2nd, 2023

Hello there again; glad you could make it back today.

First off, an update on Janine. She was still having issues keeping food down as of this afternoon, along with other common issues with Malaria. She has one more day of meds and then she should start to recover.

Talking with Lita and Ovi, it might take her up to two weeks to get back to being fully 100%. As you probably know Ovi is positive as well, and I just heard that Stanley took his wife Doreen in as she isn’t feeling well either.

Everyone is facing something or another, major or small, but it is all part of global missions. I fully believe that as Christians we need to check our walk. If we live without facing any hardships, obstacles, or issues; because of serving Christ, are we really serving.

This entire trip has been wonky. From the issues we faced prior to departure, flight cost issues, Mark’s leg, Leah’s struggle to get her PTO approved, Karey’s knee, Janines job and various issues and our time here on the ground.

Car battery dies, roads are destroyed, and we can’t get to villages we wanted to go to, intestinal issues for many, Liness, Janine, Ovi and now possibly Doreen come down with Malaria.

Satan is mad, doesn’t like us being here, can’t stand the work that HFTF is doing here in Malawi and is pulling out all the stops to rail against HFTF. Through God’s grace we must be doing something according to God’s Will!

I will take all the issues that come with obedience any day over the only other option. A life of disobedience. 

We got to visit the police school for children, and the hospital again today to hand out bibles, and speak.

Marc is heading up the police connection, so he took the speaking on that, and we handed out close to 200 bibles.

Afterwards we went to lunch with Anderson [the Major] and a detective, and again the questions they asked display that they are in the word of God.

  • Was Saul, called Paul because he was made new?
  • In Malachi, who is Elijah, when is he returning.
  • What is the rapture, when will it happen?
  • Can women wear pants?
  • Can women preach?
  • Bible says “wars and rumors of wars” is Christ return near?
  • When will He return?

And so many more, they are definitely in the Word of God and have burning questions they need answered. I think of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch. As the Eunuch is reading the scroll, Philip says do you understand what you are reading?

The Eunuch replies, how can I unless someone explains!

There is such a need here. Resources are needed, biblical teachers are needed, men to train men, women to train women and so much more.

The US has all these resources, and so much more, Malawi needs them to grow spiritually. Where is the younger generation that will continue the task. Not only in Malawi, but Brazil, Romania, China, India, Russia and on and on.

I was blessed to speak at the hospital again. I asked each group why they wanted a bible. Some amazing answers [from some]:

  1. We need to transform our lives, and the Word of God can do that.
  2. Because it lights our path.
  3. Because we need to know more about God.
  4. So, we can read it daily!

Wow, such a wonderful time, preaching and teaching the Word of God today. Great conversations centered around God, for His Glory and praise.

Time is short, only two days left, Wednesday & Thursday. We are tired, but it is a good tired. A tired when you have worked hard long days, doing something wonderful. Sharing the gospel of our Lord & Savior.

And before you ask, Yes, I would if I could in a heartbeat [stay longer]. Many relationships made, many strengthened, many we were able to witness as God opened their hearts. Much joy, some tears, and more tears likely to come as the time draws near to depart.

Now I think about tomorrow. A full day in the village of Nasedegu. Hut to hut handing out tracts, talking with the locals, then lunch right there in the village with the locals.

Followed by time with the men in the village, just us men, what does a Godly man look like? Time spent with the women, by our women, what is a Godly woman, no men allowed.

Questions will be asked, issues will be raised, but during this and many other sessions, with other teams, God will continue the work He started in them. Pray for not just this village, but all the villages, all the peoples, from every nation, language and tribe.

Pray that the Word of God would be carried forth, like a torch in the night. Pray that the gospel would sweep across the land here in Africa, and in America where it is needed even more so.

And another day comes to a close. Time draws closer to leave my home here, yet I am so excited to see what God has in store tomorrow!

Blessings in Christ,

Brother Ed