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Mission to Malawi 2023

April 25th, 2023

Good evening from Zomba! Another day coming to a close here in Malawi. Today definitely was not as heavy as yesterday, but still unique as each and every day is.

We started off today again closing out chapter one of Joshua as our devotional. Joshua told the leaders of the tribes to get ready, they would cross the Jordan River in three days.

The day that they had been waiting for, for forty years was three days away! How hard was it those last three days. Waiting can be hard in itself, waiting on the Lord is hard, but it is never wasted time.

Waiting on the Lord is fruitful as He continues to prepare us for what is in store. Brought to mind Isaiah when he said:

Isaiah 40:31 but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

Very true and hits home especially on foreign soil as you do much waiting for things to fall into place. Great reminder for me to start the day as I tend to like to be on the go more than wait.

Today we were able to visit Liness, Samuel’s wife who is currently battling Malaria #2. She and Samuel both said she was doing better, but still needs to take her medication and she how she is at the end of it.

Most of the ladies have a special connection with the wives here so it was a blessing to visit and then the ladies all got together and prayed for her. Such a sweet time and picturesque of what we are called to do, carry each other’s burdens.

After that we picked up Anderson and another lady [PR rep] from the police department here and went to the hospital to hand out bibles, and share short devotionals.

The staff was overly excited to receive bibles! So much so that after the first hand out, other staff members starting pouring through the doors. Organization went out the window as adults were shoving their way in and reaching for bibles.

Chaos is the best way to describe it. Karey actually ran out of bibles in the midst of the crowd, but couldn’t get out of the middle to get more bibles. Ovi and Anderson had a talk with them, and the next three groups went much better.

We took over 400 bibles, and ran out! After going through this three different times and sharing a short message three different times, Janine was given a tour through the hospital, and the rest of us got to join.

I will leave that for her blog, but the conditions inside the hospital are not good, not good at all. If you saw and experienced what we did today at the local hospital you would never be able to forget it.

Afterwards we all had lunch together and had a great time of fellowship. Anderson had many questions he wanted to ask about the bible so there was much conversation.

He has been on the force for about 18 years and has two more before he will retire. He most definitely has a heart for Christ, a very strong desire to see those that cannot afford legal counsel be represented.

He asked me to go to Northern Malawi with him to share the gospel there. They have not heard Christ in the remote areas he wants us to go.

He said it would take more than a day to get there and would be much climbing to get into the mountains, but they didn’t know Jesus. Don’t know if that will happen this time around, but I would surely be open to it.

Just got word that Liness is doing much better and is planning to join us on the field tomorrow as we begin a three day stretch of camps in three different villages.

Dinner was awesome as always at the mission house, Lita made fresh fried Chombo, fries and chicken with fresh Papaya. Best fish ever!

The debrief tonight was good. Most were shocked by the hospital visit and the conditions that are there. Many were blessed to be able to pray with a  sister in Christ as she recovers along with many other items that God revealed to us today.

The next three days will be camps in separate villages as I previously said. If the weather stays as is, these will not only be very rewarding days, but they will be very draining days, both physically and spiritually.

We will not only play games with everyone and have lunch together, but we will share the gospel with the children, the adults, the men and the women as the Lord allows.

Please pray for the team during these days, that they would stay hydrated, be mindful of taking care of themselves and yet still leave all they have with the people that we are allowed to share Christ with. 

Excited to see what God has in store. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Blessings in Christ,

Brother Ed