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Day 3 Feeding Center

Today we went to a Feeding Center where we had quite an adventure getting to the center because the roads had been severly damaged by Cyclone Freddy.

There were 63 orphans and other children who were there. We went into the small building to take a look, it was small about 25ft x 40ft.

We went for a small hike to see the area, a small house that had 2 rooms was damaged by the cyclone that made it into a 1 room house.[There were 4-5 kids]

We went back into the feeding center and had music and movement with the kids. They asked if anyone had something to share with the kids, so I went up and presented 2 ways to live. About 10 students said they wanted to recieve GOD’S Free Gift. So we took them outside to be sure they understood and they prayed with us. Only GOD knows who did and who didn’t, but they heard the truth.

We were able to serve the 63 orphans a plate full of food, fish, pumpkin leaves [ they were good] and nsima [ground corn that was like a potato cake].

We also took a short hike to the well that was funded by a group we had sent before where the muslims said that Christians had to pay for water, so we dug this well. Funny thing the muslim well is now dry.

It was a good day.

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