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Nasedegu Day 12

This village has quite a history with Hope for the Future and Highland Park, you could tell my teammates had a true heart for this Church and community. We began by meeting at the Pastors home and walked to home where the man did not attend church. His name was Simon and I had a chance to talk with him a little, he had a small business of 2 years selling cooking supplies. As we were talking a sheep-goat started heading our way making sheep-goat noises and then stopped right we’re the team and Simon was sitting making the noise even louder. [now you had to be there, but I believe this was a demonic force trying to interfer with our meeting with simon] The Pastor’s mother took the sheep-goat and took it around back and heard a thud. Finishing the conversation with Simon he agreeded to attend church to find out more about GOD.

Heading on down the path to the next home we were there to visit a young church member who was not attending very often, at first she didn’t want to meet with us, but her parents were home. Pastor Ed began talking to the father who was a confessing Muslim, he believed JESUS was the Only Way, but he didn’t want to give his life to JESUS because his family that died were Muslim, he didn’t want to disappoint them. BUT his wife confessed JESUS as LORD and told her husband he was a fool.

Next was a young mother who the ladies encouraged to attend church. We then had lunch, rice, eggs and coleslaw type of food, it was all good.

After lunch, mens meeting with 13 men and the women had a meeting with about 20 women.

A great day!

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