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Pastor Ed, Day 5

April 25, 2024

Today started the long-awaited pastor, pastor wives, and students conference. We are walking through Disciplines of a Godly Man & the women are walking through Disciplines of a Godly Woman.

We have had many pastors conferences, but seldom are the wives invited and discipled as well. And the culture is so opposed to biblical standards that men are concerned about what their wives are being taught.

Today was a later start than we scheduled, but we know, TIA.  Some pastors came from 6 hours away, but that is still not the furthest that they have traveled to come to a HFTF conference.

Some have come from Mozambique, and some from Zambia. The need is truly great for those that can teach. No one travels the distance these men and women have traveled, without wanting to learn and grow.

Even with that desire, there are many obstacles to imparting biblical wisdom to those that come.

Some have trouble staying awake, they usually go nonstop, getting water, working in the fields, preparing to preach or teach that not to unlike us Americans’, when they finally get a chance to sit down, they fall asleep.

Sometimes it is hard to impart biblical wisdom due to the culture. Confronting someone is a cultural no, no, here. So, for someone to approach someone in sin and confront them on it, is unheard of, yes even among the pastors.

Other times our question-and-answer session gets blurred with family issues that are no where close to the topic being taught.

Even when progress is made, it is just like America, three steps forward, two steps back. Pastor a few years ago-men we have to stop sacrificing chickens, its unbiblical! Yeah, three steps forward.

Pastor said, a Muslim told me Jesus is just a prophet, what do I do? Two steps back.

I have to remind myself that God has grown my brothers here so much in the time I have been blessed to serve, but there is still so much more to learn, so many more cultural hurdles to remove.

I had a conversation today about church discipline, and explained to them I know that their culture doesn’t allow them to confront someone, even if they are in sin. 

But I also said there has to come a time when you cease to be led by your culture and you let the LORD lead you, and until that time comes, you are living disobedient lives.

We taught today from 9:30-4:30, and tomorrow we are starting at 7:30 am. The morning session will be interesting for both groups as each topic we have taught, is taught by women to the women and by me to the men, in separate areas.

We did this so there would be discussion among them.

Tomorrow morning is the Discipline of Marriage, that one should pop some eyes out of their sockets, and spark some very heated discussions, but I am looking forward to showing them what God’s Word says about marriage and the responsibilities we have as men.

Thank you for the prayers,

Blessings in Christ,


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