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Janine Wasson, Day 5

Thursday, April 25,2024

“Working together with him…” 2Cor 6:1

The start of today with coffee and quiet time. The simplicity is wonderful and focusing. 

Today was the beginning of a 2 day conference on the mission grounds for Pastors/students and wives from the villages working through Disciplines of a godly man and Disciplines of a godly woman. 

The men and women slowly trickled in from near and far and will sleep here tonight too. 

Ovi, Stanley and Samuel have organized it all with clear order and focus. 

The women met in the great room that used to be an outdoor area and the men met down in the field in the shade. Our goals was to cover the same attributes of disciplines so the couples would have the opportunity to share with each other. 

The morning meeting for the women started with worship- voices lifted high, clapping and maybe a little bit of dancing (nothing crazy) . Afterwards we worked through disciplines of godliness (Janine and Gabby) and discipline of prayer (Karey and Allie).

It was wonderful to see familiar faces in the group, sharing and answering of questions- the women did start off shy at first but started warming up as we went along. 

We worked through the importance of commitment to Gods Word, training ourselves with the Word, letting go of that which hinders us and the importance of spiritual health. 

After this, the women were encouraged to find their husbands and go down to the field together to eat together. There was a lot of chatting down in the field as we sat with all of them eating a delicious lunch of boiled egg, rice and cabbage. 

The afternoon was full as well with discipline of worship (J&G), discipline of the mind (K&A) and discipline of the church (J&G) as our topics. There was good conversation, questions and sharpening in the afternoon!

Tendai is back with us this year as our translator! So so good to see her!! I have missed her and she did such a wonderful job translating!

Tonight we are collecting our thoughts and notes as we are starting at 730 tomorrow morning. The first topic will be the discipline of marriage. Based on some of todays questions, this shout be a formidable conversation.

Please be in prayer that we point them to scripture in all conversations, that we are true to the Word and God would be glorified! 


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