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Engaging in Worship…
Pursuing the Mission…

Ramblings of Pastor Ed, Day 1

April 21, 2024

Today was another beautiful day with the team.

I had almost forgotten the exuberance of Malawian Worship. Songs that are sung by the choir are often skits that are acted out.

Today we saw a song about idols, how useless they are, and they just do what you want, another about three men that were physically handicapped, {1 had a cane, one was hunched over, and one couldn’t walk].

They came together in unity to achieve what they couldn’t do alone, plant crops. The cane poked a hole in the ground, the one hunched over planted the seed, the one that couldn’t walk, covered the seed as he pulled himself along.

I could truly see some from my church I was brought up in getting upset, as “both feet” were off the ground at times during worship. There was dancing, yelling and prayer, much prayer as the voice of over 100 people cried out to the Lord.

I was able to preach again, as you have most likely read, from Ephesians 4:1-6. I am always concerned when I am asked to preach here.

At home when I preach or teach, we walk through a book together. That process doesn’t allow me to preach on things my flesh thinks I need to preach on, I just preach the text.

When you preach topically, or stand-alone sermons in this case I am always fearful of picking a text to fit what I think needs to be addressed, but I am only in each church for one sermon.

God is graceful, so graceful and has provided insight through various manners each time to let me know to just preach the text I have, he will do the rest.

Today we had many responses for salvation after the sermon, as always, we go outside to dig deeper to allow them to understand what they are doing.

Today out of the 32 that responded, only seven were truly seeking repentance and salvation, the remaining people were trying to crucify Christ again, they had already professed salvation.

This group was sent to Ovi so they could gain a deeper understanding of salvation. He built their understanding off of 1 John 1:9.  Ovi explained that becoming a child of God doesn’t mean you never sin again, but it does mean that when you do, you have an advocate to confess to and He will forgive you.

What a wonderful, passion filled day of worship and the Word of God.

After lunch we came back and consumed MUCH coffee, it is needed on the six-hour time change. Though Karey isn’t a coffee fan and decided to take a nap instead.

Gabby, however, enjoyed the coffee and double dipped for a nap as well, LOL.

Ovi and I decided to attempt to repair the leak on the water filter system. Malawian plumbing does not hold up well. Each place where the PVC we brought joined the Malawian plumbing leaked.

We finally decided to replace it all and get rid of the Malawian plumbing all the way back to the main entry. In doing this we went from 8 Malawian joints to one. That one we had to cut, and re-thread from the original pipe we removed.

Praise the Lord that there are currently no leaks, and everyone has water.

In a few we will have dinner, followed by our nightly debrief about what God revealed to us, and how we saw God working.

I wish that each of you that have supported us, or have prayed or are praying for us could experience this joy first hand. I wish you could look into the eyes of the people here, and watch the light go on when they understand who Jesus is.

There is such a need for people here to plant or to water. People that can explain the gospel and help others grow in their walk.

During the debrief time, I shared that while I love the passion that is in the worship here in Malawi, I wish that same passion was there for the Word of God times ten.

There has been much growth during the time I have been blessed to labor with HFTF. The Corneas have allowed the Spirit to guide them each step of the way and in response God has blessed the ministry.

But hopefully we all know that as ministry grows, so do the issues that arrive with it. Please continue to pray for Ovi, Lita, Jessica, Aimee, and Ethan as they labor for the cause of Christ our King.

Today went by so quickly. We have to stay focused, intentional in each and every step we take and word we speak. Time goes by so quickly and we are not promised that we will see the same people again during this trip.

We must be bold for the gospel, we must speak when God puts someone in our path, and we must share the gospel when the door is opened, it may be the only opportunity we have to do so.

Time to rest, and tomorrow is another day to serve the Lord. Kachere is on the schedule, orphans, a visit with the chief, bible lessons, pictures and so much more.

Thank you for the prayers, the team is amazing.

Blessings in Christ,