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Pastor Ed, Day 2

April 22, 2024

Today we headed out to Kachere to visit the primary school, the feeding center for the orphans in this area, to have lunch and to share a bible story with the children.

After our morning devotional and prayer time we loaded up and headed out. As we were picking up the candies to hand out to everyone, Ovi got a call from Lita, Ethan was struggling at the dentist, so we headed over.

Ethan has been having jaw pain the last few days and it comes and goes, so Lita decided to take him to the dentist, good thing too.

Ethan had a baby molar that was loose, and food was getting impacted under it causing the pain, so they pulled the tooth, and as is normal, Ethan wasn’t a fan of that at all.

No worries though, as of the time I am typing this, Ethan is outside playing like nothing ever happened.

Off to Kachere! To say the roads are bad is a understatement. So many potholes where the road has just washed away due to the cyclones Malawi has endured the past two years. 

I use the term road, but for those of us in America, most would consider some of the roads we travel getting to villages nothing more than paths. Most of the secondary roads are dirt roads, thus everything gets washed away during heavy down pours.

Once at Kachere, we checked out the newly painted feeding center [still some painting to be done, so the kiddos are eating outside, they actually prefer that], newly painted classrooms and main office.

Such a change. When Samuel and I looked into one of the freshly painted classrooms, you could see red hand prints all around the room. No, this was not part of the design. The clay here is red, and kids play and sit on the ground, so, when they touch walls, boom you have handprints.

The ladies split off to be with the women cooking the food, Rebecca [young Romanian woman] started leading the children in songs. It is amazing that she has only been coming a few years, yet has learned songs in the native language.

Then we went to visit a young girl that Rebecca wanted us to meet, very short walk. As we arrive one young girl is crying, while sitting in front of the house, and then we find the young orphan that Rebecca wanted us to meet.

Such a sweet child. Her father ran off and left her, her mother has some mental issues [if I recall correctly] and is not in a position to care for her, so her grandmother, who is currently away, takes care of her, today she was staying with neighbors.

The young child out front crying we learned was physically disabled, and crying for her grandmother who wasn’t there at the time.

As I stand there, look at majestic mountains, beautiful skyline, it all stands in sharp contrast to the abject poverty of those we are sent to.

Many children that have no parents, many single parents as the men typically just leave, and most of these children living in worse conditions than any of us allow our pets to live in.

Innocence is shattered or stolen at a very young age for a vast majority of the children, many grow up with a mother and  father, wondering if they will make it to the next day, what they will eat.

As they grow [if they are the lucky ones] they learn about Jesus and develop dependence on Him. Mom or dad can’t provide, family isn’t around, if they are to make it, the Lords grace and mercy will be what carries them through.

Cultures are different, I understand that, but where has that total dependence upon the LORD gone to in America?

Sure, there are churches everywhere, but how many in the churches across America are truly dependent on the Lord? How many see Him as their shelter, strong tower or peace?

How many that would label themselves as God’s children turn to the Lord first during times of trouble?

As these children grow through the HFTF feeding centers and attend school they grow in fear and reverence for the LORD. And even though they still have nothing, as far as we would consider anything “something” in the States, they have a joy that is breathtaking.

They have a joy so outwardly obvious, that as I witness to them, their witness screams to me, do you love things, or do you love the Lord! Do you trust things, or can you truly be content in all things?

No matter how much I come prepared to share with my brothers and sisters here, God always has them pouring in to me, stripping away the things of the world, directing my focus to the one and only place it should ever truly be.

Not on the unstable things around me, not on the fluid government system we have, not on the morales that are quickly degenerating into disgusting immoral behavior, but on Christ Jesus.

The name that is truly above all names, and the only name that saves and brings peace.

Well enough of my soapbox, dinner soon, then sharing time about the day.

As always, thank you so much for your support and prayers, we couldn’t do this without them.

Blessings in Christ,