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Mission to Malawi 2023

April 15th, 2023

What a whirlwind 36 hours it has been. Thank you all for the prayers, they were felt and granted. One dear brother prayed that I would have empty seats next to me and even though when I boarded the first plane I didn’t, God moved and both flights gave me empty seats next to me.

I ran into some Methodist health care workers in Chicago that were heading to Mozambique. They were heading out to check the clinics they had after tropical storm Freddy. Very sweet ladies.

I also noticed something this time, in Chicago, and even more so in Addis. Not too many people return smiles, did you know that? Yeah, you probably did already. I had way to many people look at me like I was crazy, some even took steps to get out of the way, what’s that all about?

The first flight from Chicago to Addis [8035 miles] was a blessing. I was able to engage two gentlemen in conversation. From were from a Muslim background but not overly committed. One young man lives in Georgia and was going home for the summer.

Both flights were a joy, except the gentlemen next to me from Addis to Blantyre didn’t want to talk at all, oh well.

Made it to the mission house with no issues. I did see much scarring on the mountains where the water carved away the trees and just left a mud path down the side of the mountain. We even saw one mud path that had a huge bolder right on the lip.

Had to take some back roads due to bridges being completely out, due to tropical storm Freddy, but never the less we made it back with no issues. It has been since Friday at 5:30 am since I have slept so I am very tired.

Tomorrow we will head out to the “Elephant Village” and enjoy church with them. This is the church that destroyed me on my first ever visit to Malawi. The Pastor there is a man on fire for God, and would give anyone the shirt off his back if they needed it.

Pray for tomorrow, that God’s Word would go forth in Power, that Gospel would be proclaimed, Christ would be honored, and salvation would enter into peoples lives.

Praying for you HPFBC; that you would hear and understand, that you would see and perceive and respond to the gospel.

Please pray for Mark H, Janine W, Leah Goodrich and Karey McGlinchey as they make the final preparations this week to catch their flight this coming Friday.

Thank you again for sending, thank you for praying.

Blessings in Christ,

Brother Ed

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